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Programs in Computer Science

Computer Science, B.S.DegreeB.S.
Computer Science, MinorMinor
Computer Science Cybersecurity, Academic CertificateCertificate

The Computer Science Program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, as well as a minor in Computer Science. 

The goal of the Computer Science program at Idaho State University is to provide students with a broad, yet rigorous Computer Science education, with emphasis in

  • operating systems
  • computer organization and architecture
  • data structures and algorithms
  • software implementation
  • programming languages
  • project management
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence

The curriculum incorporates 30 credit hours of math and science, including

  • differential and integral calculus
  • linear algebra
  • discrete math
  • statistics
  • physics

The B.S. in Computer Science prepares graduates to enter a wide range of high-paying careers, including

  • software engineering
  • graphics
  • databases
  • cyber security
  • data scientist

Seventy percent (70%) of the new STEM jobs over the next decade are expected to be CS related. National starting salaries are around $65,000 with career salaries averaging $147,000 (Robert Half, 2017). CS majors with MBAs in technical management positions may earn significantly more. 

Students wishing to become computer science majors should contact the CS office to have an advisor assigned to them. All courses and prerequisites applying toward the Computer Science major and minor must be passed with a grade of “C-“ or higher.

For all CS courses after CS 1181, students are expected to have a laptop computer with sufficient capacity to run various tools within virtual machines.


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