Technical General Educ (TGE)

How to Read Course Descriptions


TGE 1100A Algebra I: 4 semester hours.

Topics include linear equations, factoring, graphing, functions, and quadratic equations with emphasis on practical and technical problems. Equivalent to MATH 0025. Not eligible for academic credit. PREREQ: C- in MATH 0015, a Math ACT score of 12 or higher, an SAT score of 250 or higher, or 46 or higher on the Pre-Algebra section (MAPL 1). D

TGE 1110 Supplemental Mathematics Lab: 1 semester hour.

Supplemental Math Lab for students enrolled in TGE math courses or COT programs of study. Supplemental Math Lab is co-required for students enrolled in TGE mathematics courses who fail to meet minimum COT requirements for mathematics. F, S

TGE 1135 Workplace Relations: 3 semester hours.

Workplace topics emphasizing internal and external customer service and including study and practice in effective interpersonal and communication skills, ethics, leadership, and teamwork. D

TGE 1140 Survey of Applied Mathematics: 3 semester hours.

A survey of mathematical concepts and practices using a professional technical perspective focusing on applications of statistics, dimensional analysis, and right triangle trigonometry for vector addition. Satisfies Objective 3 of the General Education Requirements. PREREQ: MATH 0025 or TGE 1100A. D

TGE 1150 Applied Social Sciences in the Workplace: 3 semester hours.

Course focuses on how social sciences develop an understanding of human attitudes and behavior, as well as how attitudes and behaviors are influenced by leadership and the surrounding organizational and global context. Concepts of leadership, motivation, group dynamics, personality, and other behavioral aspects are explored through the lens of the social sciences and by developing the ability to apply such knowledge to actual business issues. Partially satisfies Objective 6 of the General Education Requirements. D

TGE 1158 Employment Strategies: 2 semester hours.

Comprehensive study and practice of job search activities, including company research, networking strategies, interviewing behavior, and writing the resume and business correspondence. Culminates in the preparation of a professional portfolio along with extensive interviewing experience in a variety of settings. F,S

TGE 1159 Internship Strategies: 1 semester hour.

Comprehensive study and practice of internships, including company research, networking strategies, interviewing behavior, and completing applications and resumes. D

TGE 1199 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

The content of this course is not described in the catalog. Title and number of credits are announced in the Class Schedule. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times with the same title and content. May be repeated.

TGE 1257 Applied Ethics in Technology: 3 semester hours.

An introduction to the study of ethics and consideration of ethical issues in the fields of engineering, health, technical trades, and other contemporary settings that career-technical professionals may face. Topics include moral obligations and rights of society, employers, colleagues, and clients; cost-benefit risk analysis, safety, and informed consent; the ethics of whistle-blowing. Partially satisfies Objective 4 of the General Education Requirements. D