Accelerated B.S. to M.S.D.H. Program

Students accepted into an accelerated undergraduate program may take departmentally approved graduate coursework as part of their undergraduate curriculum. These credits will count towards both their bachelor's and master's degrees and can fulfill major requirements, upper-division requirements, and/ or free electives. For details on accelerated programs at Idaho State University, please see (Degree Requirements (p. 62)). Once accepted into an accelerated degree program, it is strongly recommended for students to stay in close communication with their advisor regarding pursuit of acceptance into the Graduate School and the master's degree program at Idaho State University. Acceptance into an accelerated program during the bachelor's degree program is the first step in the admissions process. A separate application to the Graduate School is necessary for all accelerated programs. For more information regarding application and admission to the Graduate School at Idaho State University, please see the Graduate Admissions section of the graduate catalog.

Dental Hygiene Accelerated Criteria

This accelerated program provides an opportunity for outstanding bachelor degree dental hygiene students to complete a fast track program during the summer and last two semesters of the bachelor degree program. Students who have a cumulative 3.5 grade point average in their dental hygiene courses and senior standing may complete up to 12 graduate credits. These credits may be applied to both the undergraduate and graduate dental hygiene programs. Students must be in good academic standing with the department of dental hygiene and Idaho State University and have demonstrated successful completion of upper division courses in the bachelor degree dental hygiene program. Please contact the Graduate Program Director for more information. Once accepted into the accelerated program, it is recommended that students meet with the Graduate Program Director regarding acceptance into the Graduate School and the Master of Science Dental Hygiene program.

For more information please see the B.S. to M.S in Dental Hygiene in the undergraduate catalog.