Master of Education in Instructional Design & Technology

Graduates of the M.Ed. in Instructional Design & Technology are professionals who facilitate learning and performance through the systematic planning, creation, and assessment of technological solutions in a broad range of instructional settings and environments. MEd-ID&T candidates take courses emphasizing instructional technology and design principles, theories, methods, and applications. Mastery is demonstrated through course and program-based phase outcomes, as well as in a final field/research project for the defense of the MEd-ID&T degree. The MEd-ID&T is designed for individualized programs of study for K-12 face-to-face, blended, and online environments; post-secondary and higher education settings; and business/industry entities in support of training and consulting endeavors. 

General Admission Requirements

Applicant must meet all criteria for admission to the Graduate School (application available online). In addition, the following should be submitted to complete the application process:

  • Letter of interest to the MEd-ID&T program coordinator
  • Current Curriculum Vitae or Resume including names and contact information for three references
  • An interview with program area faculty via in-person or video conferencing may be requested

International Student Admission Requirements

International students must apply to the Idaho State University Graduate School and meet all criteria for admission. Typically, international students cannot begin their enrollment at Idaho State University in the summer semester. International students should refer to the Admission of International Students section of the Graduate catalog for TOEFL and other requirements for those whose native language is not English.

General Requirements (30 - 33 credits)

Students should begin their coursework in the fall semester. It is recommended students register for two courses per semester in order to complete the degree in a timely manner. Candidates should establish a Plan of Study with their advisor prior to registering for classes. It is important to work closely with the advisor to assure a smooth progression from start to completion of the MEd-ID&T degree.

All students must complete a minimum of 33 credits in order to be granted the MEd-ID&T degree. No more than 9 credits of graduate work may be transferred from another program or university; transferred credits must meet ISU Graduate School guidelines and be approved by program area faculty. The 33 credits are distributed as follows:

  • 12 credits in Instructional Design & Technology Foundations
  • 15 credits of Instructional Design & Technology Specialty Studies, including 6 credits of electives
  • 3 - 6 credits of Instructional Design & Technology Applied Field Study, including Field Project and/or Thesis

Program Assessments: At the end of EDLT 6611, students submit the Phase I Program Assessment that illustrates the ability to conduct analysis and design for a technological solution for an instructional issue. At the end of EDLT 6612, students submit the Phase II Program Assessment that illustrates the ability to develop a technological solution for an instructional issue. During the final defense, students submit the Phase III Program Assessment that illustrates the ability to use recognized instructional design and technology methods to implement and evaluate a project as a solution for an instructional issue.

Instructional Design & Technology Core Studies (12 credits)

The intent of the Instructional Design and Technology Core Studies (IDTCS) area is to promote essential and common competencies within instructional technology and design, including theories related to the instructional design knowledge base, assessment and measurement, research and writing, and statistical methods. Candidates for the MEd-ID&T degree should work closely with their Academic Advisor to identify specific content and sequencing of courses. Courses in the ID&T Core include: EDLT 6601EDLT 6611EDLT 6621, and EDLT 6622

Instructional Design & Technology Specialty Studies (15 credits)

The intent of Instructional Design and Technology Specialty Studies (IDTSS) is to provide depth of knowledge and skills applicable to a wide array of professional contexts. Practical application and research in current and emerging learning technologies are emphasized. IDTSS courses meet advanced standards in planning and analysis; design and development; and implementation, assessment, and management within technology-driven environments. These courses prepare the candidate to complete the applied field studies for the MEd-ID&T degree. Courses that can be used for credits in the ID&T Specialty Studies Area include: EDLT 6612EDLT 6613EDLT 6614EDLT 6616EDLT 6646EDLT 6649, and EDLT 6680

Instructional Design & Technology Applied Field Studies (3 - 6 credits)

The intent of Instructional Design and Technology Applied Field Studies (IDTAFS) is to allow the candidate to demonstrate mastery of analysis and planning, creation and implementation, and evaluation and assessment through an independent technological project. Candidates work closely with their Academic Advisor to identify a professional context (K-12, post-secondary education, business/organization) for which they will create and apply an instructional design/technology intervention. In addition, candidates will base the intervention on instructional design theories and principles as evidenced in their culminating field project or thesis. Field studies credits are generally fulfilled by three credits of EDLT 6651 or six credits of EDLT 6659.

Required Courses

MEd-ID&T Course Requirements (12 credits)
EDLT 6601Foundations of Instructional Design and Technology3
EDLT 6611Instructional Systems Design3
EDLT 6612Multimedia Design and Development3
EDLT 6613Designing Online Instruction3
MEd-ID&T Elective Courses (minimum 15 credits)
EDLT 6614Instructional Gaming and Simulations3
EDLT 6616Integration of Technology into School Curriculum3
EDLT 6621Issues and Trends in Instructional Design and Technology3
EDLT 6622Assessment for Digital Formats3
EDLT 6646Multimedia Design Theory3
EDLT 6649Seminar3
EDLT 6680Special Topics in Instructional Design and Technology3
MEd-ID&T Capstone Courses (3 - 6 credits)
EDLT 6650Thesis3
or EDLT 6651 Field Project or Case Study in Education
or EDLT 6652 Field Practicum in Education
EDLT 6659Online Teaching Internship6
Total Credits 30-33