Other Policies

Final Exam Week Policy

Final Exam Week concludes the semester and contributes to the expected content hours. Final exams may be traditional or other types of final assessment, the nature and scope of which are under the purview of the faculty member in accordance with departmental policy.

Regular final examinations are held during Final Exam Week in accordance with the Final Exam Schedule. Final exams shall not be rescheduled outside of the period, nor to a different time within it. No examination shall be longer than the scheduled time. Special examinations may be arranged for individual students within the examination period; for example, students who can show they have more than two final exams in one day may seek to have the additional final exam(s) rescheduled. Faculty are encouraged to accommodate students, when possible. Such arrangements should be made well in advance of Final Exam Week.

New material may be introduced and assignments, quizzes, or tests that are not the final exam may be scheduled during class in the seven days before the first day of final exam week. A take-home final may be assigned the week prior to final exam week if it is due no sooner than the end of the course’s scheduled final exam period. Final exams in sessions during the summer semester take place during the final week of the session.

Performance and laboratory courses, 8-week courses, Saturday courses, PharmD program, and graduate courses are exempt from this final exam week policy.