Master of Education in Secondary Education

The 30-credit (minimum} non-thesis master's degree in Secondary Education is a combination of pedagogy and content, designed for the Secondary school teacher. This degree will permit the practicing teacher, or certified teacher with past experience teaching, to acquire greater depth in STEM (or single subject mathematics, geology, physical science, or biology}, mathematics education, ESL/TESOL, foreign language, English/language arts, history, history/social science, instructional technology, or another Idaho SBOE-approved Secondary certification or endorsement area.

1. The advanced Secondary Education professional, through the core curriculum and other course work, is expected to meet the core standards for advanced professionals the CAEP standards for accreditation at the advanced level (see

2. The advanced Secondary Education professional is expected to meet Idaho Core Teacher Standards and National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Core Propositions.

3. The advanced Secondary Education professional is expected to extend her/his subject matter depth in STEM (or single subject, such as mathematics, geology, physical science, or biology), mathematics education, ESL/TESOL, foreign language, English/language arts, history/social science, or another Idaho SBOE-approved Secondary subject matter content certification or endorsement area.

4. The advanced Secondary Education professional is expected to utilize the knowledge of subject area concentration in specific applications and assessments within the educational methods curriculum.

Admission Requirements

The student must apply to and meet all criteria for admission to the Graduate School. In addition, applicants for the Master of Education in Secondary Education must meet all college requirements for admission and retention. Those include previous teaching experience or current certification to teach in Idaho or another state.

General Requirements

Educational Core (minimum 6 credits)
EDUC 6601Research and Writing3
EDUC 6602Theories of Learning3
Educational Pedagogy (minimum 9 credits)
EDUC 6622Educational Assessment and Evaluation3
EDUC 6631Advanced Secondary Methods3
EDUC 6641Advanced Studies in K-12 Curriculum3
Or another advisor approved EDUC elective.
Capstone Course (3 credits)
EDUC 6671Seminar in Secondary Education3
Content Area (12 credits)
Applicants are instructed to see their content area advisor and/or their College of Education advisor for help, as needed, when selecting their content area emphasis. All credits in this area must come 500 level or higher graduate course work and must relate to one subject matter content certification or endorsement area. NOTE: For the STEM content designation to be earned, additional content hours across the STEM disciplines is required. Check with academic advisor for approved STEM courses.12
Total Credits30

NOTE: At least 15 credits of 6600-level coursework must be completed for this degree program.