A.S. Respiratory Therapy

(3 Years)

Program Admissions Requirements

  1. Submit completed application for admission to Idaho State University College of Technology.
  2. a) Submit all official college or university transcripts (minimum GPA 2.5). If a student has 14 or more college or university academic credits, those will be used to calculate GPA instead of high school grades. b) Submit an official high school transcript or GED scores (minimum GPA 2.5).
  3. Complete the required admission essay.
  4. Submit proof of current Health Care Provider CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certification. You must remain current throughout the program.

  5. Take the HESI A2 Entrance Exam with a minimum score of 75%.

The following prerequisite courses, or equivalents, must be completed with a grade of “C” or better in each course:
ENGL 1101Writing and Rhetoric I (Partially fulfills Objective 1)3
COMM 1101Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Fulfills Objective 2)3
HO 1106Medical Terminology2
HO 2208Introduction to Pathology3
Choose one of the following anatomy and physiology sequences: 18
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
and Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab (Partially fulfills Objective 5)
Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
and Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 Lab
Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
and Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab 2
Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
and Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 Lab
Choose one of the following:3-5
Nutrition (Partially fulfills Objective 5 )
Introduction to Chemistry (Partially fulfills Objective 5)
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab (Partially fulfills Objective 5)
Choose one of the following Objective 6 courses:3
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems
Total Credits25-27

Or other approved anatomy and physiology course sequence.


Students taking BIOL 3301/3301L at ISU will need to take one of the prerequisites, BIOL 1101/BIOL 1101L or BIOL 2227/BIOL 2227L.

General Education

The listing below includes program requirements that also fulfill General Education requirements.

Objective 16
Objective 23
Objective 3 - MATH 1153 recommended3
Objective 46
Objective 5 - BIOL and CHEM program requirements fulfill Objective 57
Objective 6 - PSYC 1101, SOC 1101 or SOC 1102 and one additional course6
Students must fulfill Objective 7 or Objective 83
Objective 7
Objective 8
Objective 93
Total Credits37

Major Requirements

RESP 2200Introduction to Respiratory Care3
RESP 2200LIntroduction to Respiratory Care Lab1
RESP 2211Respiratory Pharmacology2
RESP 2214Introduction to Pulmonary Disease4
RESP 2231Patient Assessment and Infection Control3
RESP 2232Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care2
RESP 2280Respiratory Care in Alternative Settings2
RESP 3301Critical Care Management3
RESP 3301LCritical Care Management Lab1
RESP 3310Clinical Management2
RESP 3320Respiratory Practicum I5
RESP 3325Respiratory Practicum II3
RESP 3330Respiratory Practicum III5
RESP 3335Respiratory Practicum IV5
Total Credits41

​Degree Totals

Program Admission Requirements (w/o General Education)9
General Education37
Major Requirements (w/o General Education)41
Free Electives0
Total Credits87

ISU Degree Requirements

ISU General Education

Major Academic Plan (MAP)