B.T.C. Pharmacy Technology

(1 year)

Program Prerequisites
1. High School Diploma or GED;
2. Students must be qualified for college-level coursework in English and Math (See an advisor for details.); and
3. Completion of a criminal background check.
Program Requirements
1. Completion of a drug screening prior to or during the first fall semester of Pharmacy Technology (PHTC) classes; and
2. Completion of the following courses with a grade of C or better:
HO 0106Medical Terminology2
HO 0110Over the Counter and Herbal Medications2
PHTC 0110Pharmacy Law and Ethics2
PHTC 0150Introduction to Pharmacology3
PHTC 0152Advanced Pharmacology3
PHTC 0161
Extemporaneous Compounding and IV Certification
and Extemporaneous Compounding and IV Certification Lab
PHTC 0171
Applied Pharmacy Technology I
and Applied Pharmacy Technology Lab I
PHTC 0172
Applied Pharmacy Technology II
and Applied Pharmacy Technology II Lab
PHTC 0175Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Preparation1
PHTC 0182Pharmacy Technician Practicum and Seminar I5
TGE 0158Employment Strategies2
Total Credits28

 Major Academic Plan (MAP)