I.T.C. Energy Systems Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

Student Outcomes:

1. Describe and conduct safe work practices in laboratory and industrial environments.

2. Identify and apply societal and regulatory codes and standards.

3. Select appropriate test equipment to troubleshoot and analyze mechanical systems and electrical, electronic, and motor control related circuits.

4. Describe fundamental mechanical principles, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, material science, and equipment design.

5. Conduct maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of common industrial mechanical systems.

6. Interpret and utilize technical documentation related to mechanical, electrical and motor control systems.

7. Demonstrate basic structural welding.

8. Demonstrate basic computer-aided drafting and design.

9. Conduct commissioning practices for equipment setup and alignment.

10. Recognize specific equipment applications for reactive, preventive, predictive, and proactive maintenance.

Program Admission Requirements

Placement Test Math
SAT 360
ACT 14

Major Requirements

Choose two credits from the following:2
Engineering Technology Orientation
and Introduction to an Industrial Environment Laboratory
Industrial Safety and Regulations
Choose from the following:2-3
Introduction to Industrial Thermal Systems
and Introduction to Industrial Thermal Systems Lab
Thermal Cycles and Heat Transfer
ESET 1118Industrial Maintenance Mechanic I2
ESET 1118LIndustrial Maintenance Mechanic Lab I1
ESET 1119Industrial Maintenance Mechanic II2
ESET 1119LIndustrial Maintenance Mechanic Lab II1
ESET 1121Basic Electricity and Electronics4
ESET 1121LBasic Electricity and Electronics Laboratory3
ESET 1122Electrical Systems and Motor Control Theory3
ESET 1122LElectrical Systems and Motor Control Theory Laboratory1
ESET 1123Mechanical Power Transmission I2
ESET 1123LMechanical Power Transmission Laboratory I2
ESET 1125Introduction to Structural Welding1
ESET 1126Introduction to Mechanical Drafting and Computer Aided Design1
ESET 1127Mechanical Power Transmission II2
ESET 1127LMechanical Power Transmission Laboratory II2
Choose from the following:5
Applied Technical Intermediate Algebra
Precalculus I: Algebra
and Precalculus II: Trigonometry
ESET 2243Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power2
ESET 2243LHydraulic and Pneumatic Power Laboratory2
ESET 2246Materials and Metallurgy2
Total Credits42-43