A.A.S. Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology

(2 Years)

Program Objectives:

  1. Identify and respond to security concerns relating to operational cyber-physical systems.

  2. Coordinate among key stakeholders for matters dealing with the security of cyber-physical systems.

  3. Promote stakeholder awareness and education relating to cyber-physical systems security.

  4. Establish optimal policies for managing risk in cyber-physical systems.

  5. Use security criteria to influence technology selection and deployment.

Student Outcomes:

  1. Apply the fundamental principles of cyber-physical systems.

  2. Explain the need and purpose of securing cyber-physical systems.

  3. Identify common weaknesses in cyber-physical systems.

  4. Evaluate the security of cyber-physical systems by applying pertinent recognized standards.

  5. Propose practices for managing cyber-physical systems risk.

  6. Implement techniques for defending cyber-physical systems.

Program Admissions Requirements

Students must meet with the Program Coordinator prior to beginning course work.

Placement Test English Math
ACT 14 19
SAT 360 500
AccuPlacer 232

General Education

The listing below includes program requirements that also fulfill General Education requirements.

Objective 13
Writing and Rhetoric I
Writing and Rhetoric I Plus
Writing and Rhetoric II
Objective 23
Fundamentals of Oral Communication
Objective 3 - Choose MATH 1143, MATH 1153, MATH 1160, MATH 1170, or MGT 22163
Objective 6 3
Any unfilled objective4
Elements of Physics
and Elements of Physics Laboratory
Total Credits16

Major Requirements

ESET 0100Engineering Technology Orientation1
ESET 0100LEngineering Technology Orientation Lab1
ESET 0181Information Technology - Operational Technology Fundamentals3
ESET 0282Introduction to Networking3
CYBR 3383Security Design for Cyber-Physical Systems3
CYBR 3384Risk Management for Cyber-Physical Systems3
CYBR 4481Defending Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Physical Systems3
CYBR 4486Network Security for Industrial Environments3
CYBR 4487Professional Development and Certification3
CYBR 4489Capstone in Industrial Cybersecurity3
Choose one of the following:
ESET 0121
Basic Electricity and Electronics
and Basic Electricity and Electronics Laboratory
or ESET 0101/0102 Electrical Circuits I
Choose one of the following:
ESET 0140Applied Technical Intermediate Algebra (Recommended)5
or ESET 0141/0142 Applied Mathematics I
Choose a minimum of twelve (12) credits from the following:12
Introduction to Energy Systems
Introduction to Energy Systems Laboratory
Electrical Systems and Motor Control Theory
Electrical Systems and Motor Control Theory Laboratory
Thermal Cycles and Heat Transfer
Nuclear Steam Supply Systems
Process Control Theory
Digital Control Theory
Process Control Devices Laboratory
Digital Control Systems Laboratory
Practical Process Measurements and Control
Reactor Theory Safety and Design
Electrical Engineering Technology I
Electrical Engineering Technology I Laboratory
Electrical Automation Theory
Electrical Automation Laboratory
Choose one of the following:
MATH 1153Statistical Reasoning3
or MATH 1143 College Algebra
or MATH 1160 Survey of Calculus
or MATH 1170 Calculus I
or MGT 2216 Business Statistics
PHYS 1101
Elements of Physics
and Elements of Physics Laboratory
Total Credits54

Degree Totals

Program Admission Requirements0
General Education16
Major Requirements (Required General Education credits removed.)47
Free Electives
Total Credits63

ISU Degree Requirements

ISU General Education for College of Technology

Major Academic Plan (MAP)