A.T.C. Diesel Technology

(1.5 Years)

Required Courses:
DESL 0101Safety and Introduction to Shop Practices2
DESL 0102Introduction to Electrical1
DESL 0103Electrical Systems3
DESL 0107Basic Diesel Electrical Systems2
DESL 0109Cab Climate Control2
DESL 0113Diesel Engine Fuel Systems2
DESL 0115Diesel Hydraulics I2
DESL 0125Heavy Duty Power Trains8
DESL 0184Diesel Engine Technology5
DESL 0186Diesel Engine Electrical Systems2
DESL 0190Diesel Engine Emission Systems1
DESL 0215Advanced Hydraulics6
DESL 0217Advanced Engine Electronics Systems4
DESL 0231Live Work Capstone Class8
or DESL 0232 Internship Capstone Class
TGE 0158Employment Strategies2
TGE 1150Applied Social Sciences in the Workplace 13
COMM 1101Fundamentals of Oral Communication 13
Total Credits56
Elective Courses:
DESL 0298Special Topics1-8
WELD 0105Welding1-4

 Major Academic Plan (MAP)