A.T.C. Machining Technology

(2 Years)

Program Admission Requirements

Contact College of Technology Student Services at (208) 282-2622.

Placement Test Math
SAT 360
ACT 14

The following required courses must be completed with a 2.0 GPA:

Required Courses:
MACH 1110Machine Tool Lab I3
MACH 1111Machine Tool Theory I2
MACH 1112Machine Math I3
MACH 1115Applied Machining Geometry2
MACH 1120Machine Tool Lab II3
MACH 1121Machine Tool Theory II2
MACH 1123Blueprint Reading1
MACH 1131CNC Mill Setup2
MACH 1135Applied Machining Trigonometry2
MACH 1141CNC Lathe Setup2
MACH 1145Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing I1
MACH 2220CAD and CAM Applications I3
MACH 2221CAD and CAM Theory I3
MACH 2245Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing II1
MACH 2270CNC Programming Practices I6
MACH 2271CNC Theory/Programming I3
MACH 2272CNC Math I3
MACH 2275CAD and CAM Theory II2
MACH 2280CAD and CAM Applications II4
MACH 2281CNC Programming Theory II1
MACH 2285CAD and CAM Theory III2
MACH 2290CNC Machining Practice II3
MACH 2291CAD and CAM Applications III4
Total Credits58

 Major Academic Plan (MAP)