A.T.C. Civil Engineering Technician

(2 Years)

Placement Test Math
SAT 500
ACT 19
Required Courses:
CET 1111Beginning CAD3
CET 1112Beginning Surveying3
CET 1121Civil 3D Drafting3
CET 1122Intermediate Surveying and Spatial Analysis3
CET 2216Route Survey and GPS Fundamentals3
CET 2226Construction Surveying3
CET 2228Principles of GIS3
CET 2232Plan Reading and Worksite Safety3
CET 2243Public Works3
CET 2250Unmanned Aerial Systems/Imagery Analysis3
CET 2251Introduction to Legal Descriptions1
GEMT 3312Public Land Surveying3
Complete either these three courses:7-11
Materials Testing I
Materials Testing II
Materials Theory
OR these three courses:
Civil and Geomatics Engineering Technology I
Civil and Geomatics Engineering Technology II
Survey Computations
COMM 1101Fundamentals of Oral Communication 13
Complete either this course:5
OR these two courses:
Precalculus I: Algebra 2
Precalculus II: Trigonometry
ENGL 1101Writing and Rhetoric I 23
or ENGL 1102 Writing and Rhetoric II
Total Credits52-56

Contributes to a General Education requirement.


“P” courses are equivalent to the original course.

 Major Academic Plan (MAP)