B.S. Physics

In addition to degree requirements below, students must satisfy 8 of the 9 General Education Objectives (a minimum of 36 credits--see the Academic Information section of this catalog).  Of the courses below, MATH 1170 will satisfy General Education Objective 3, while together, the CHEM and lower-division PHYS requirements will satisfy General Education Objective 5.

CHEM 1111
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1112
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab
MATH 1170Calculus I4
MATH 1175Calculus II4
MATH 2275Calculus III4
MATH 3360Differential Equations3
MATH 4421
MATH 4422
Advanced Engineering Mathematics I
and Advanced Engineering Mathematics II
or PHYS 4461
PHYS 4462
Introduction to Mathematical Physics I
and Introduction to Mathematical Physics II
PHYS 2211
PHYS 2212
Engineering Physics I
and Engineering Physics II
PHYS 2213
PHYS 2214
Engineering Physics I Laboratory
and Engineering Physics II Laboratory
PHYS 3301Modern Physics3
PHYS 3313Intermediate Laboratory I2
PHYS 4403
PHYS 4404
Advanced Modern Physics I
and Advanced Modern Physics II
PHYS 4414Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement3
PHYS 4415Statistical Physics3
PHYS 4421
PHYS 4422
Electricity and Magnetism I
and Electricity and Magnetism II
PHYS 4483Theoretical Mechanics4
PHYS 4492Colloquium in Physics1
Plus 5 additional 4000-level PHYS credits5

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