Geosciences Faculty

Chair and Professor

Crosby, Benjamin T., Professor, Geosciences.  B.A. 1999, University  of California at Berkeley; Ph.D. 2006, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  (2006) 


Delparte, Donna M., Professor, Geosciences.  B.S. 1989, University of Regina; M.S. 1997, Ph.D. 2008, University of Calgary.  (2012)

Finney, Bruce P., Professor with Joint Appointment in Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1979, University of Montana; Ph.D. 1987, Oregon State University.  (2008)

Kobs Nawotniak, Shannon E., Professor, Geosciences.  B.S. 2003, Michigan Technological University; Ph.D. 2009, SUNY at Buffalo.  (2011)

Lohse, Kathleen A., Professor with Joint Appointment in Biological Sciences.  B.S. & B.A. 1993, Cornell University; Ph.D. 2002, University of California, Berkeley, CA.  (2010) 

Pearson, David M., Professor, Geosciences.  B.S. 2002, University of California at Santa Barbara; M.S. 2007, Ph.D. 2012, University of Arizona. (2012)

Tapanila, Leif, Professor and Director and Earth Sciences Division Head, Idaho Museum of Natural History, Geosciences. Honors B.Sc. 1999, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada; M.S. 2000, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada; Ph.D. 2005, University of Utah.  (2005)

Thackray, Glenn D., Professor, Geosciences.  B.S. 1985, Beloit College; M.S. 1989, University of Oregon; Ph.D. University of Washington.  (1994)

Associate Professors

Godsey, Sarah E., Associate Professor, Geosciences.  B.A. 1999, University of Virginia; M.S. 2003, University of Cincinnati; Ph.D. 2009, University of California, Berkeley.  (2012)

Assistant Professors

Anderson, Ryan B., Assistant Professor & Field Camp Director, Geosciences.  B.S. 2010, Utah Valley University; M.S. 2013, University of Nevada, Reno; Ph.D. 2019 Washington State University (2020)

Bottenberg, H. Carrie, Assistant Professor & Director of Geotechnologies, Geosciences.  B.A. 1997, B.S. 2005, University of Montana; M.S. 2009, Ph.D. 2012, Missouri University of Science and Technology.  (2011)

Murray, Kendra E., Assistant Professor, Geosciences.  B.A. 2007, Carleton College; M.S. 2010, Ph.D. 2016 University of Arizona (2019)

Sundell, Kurt E., Assistant Professor, Geosciences.  B.S. 2009, The University of California, Davis; M.S. 2011,The University of Kansas; Ph.D. 2017 The University of Houston (2021)

Affiliate Faculty

Hailemichael, Million. Research Scientist, Idaho State University.  Ph.D. Geological and Earth Sciences, Case Western Reserve University, 2000.

Krumenacker, L. J. Research Scientist and Adjunct, Idaho State University, Idaho Museum and Natural History.  Ph.D. Earth Sciences, University of Montana-Missoula, 2017.

Mahar, James. Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Idaho State University.  Ph.D. Engineering Geology, University of Illinois, 1975.

McLing, Travis L. Research Scientist, Group Lead/Business Development Lead, Idaho National Laboratory and Center for Advanced Energy Studies, Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Ph.D. Geology, University of Idaho, 2017.

Shapley, Mark D. Geosciences.  B.S. 1980 University of Washington; M.S. 1985, University of Montana-Missoula; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2005.

Shaw, Christopher A. Paleontologist, ArcheoPaleo Resource Management, Inc., Los Angeles, CA.  M.S. California State University, Long Beach, 1981.

Sherwin, Jo-Ann. Consultant; S & Y Geological Consultants.  Ph.D. Geology, Brown University.

GIS TREC Affiliate

Weber, Keith T., Director, GIS Training and Research Center.  B.S. 1993, University of Wisconsin; M.S. 1996, University of Montana.  (1999)


Blount, Charles W., Professor, ­Geology. 1975-1990

Hughes, Scott S., Professor, Geosciences. 1991-2010

Link, Paul K., Professor, Geosciences. 1980-2020

McCurry, Michael, Professor, Geosciences. 1999-2019

Rodgers, David W., Professor, Geosciences. 1985-2022