English 30 Credit Endorsement

ENGL 2211Introduction to Literary Analysis3
ENGL 2257Survey of World Literature I Beginnings through 16th Century3
or ENGL 2258 Survey of World Literature II 17th Century to Present
or ENGL 2215 Survey of World Mythology
ENGL 2267Survey of British Literature I Beginnings through 18th Century3
or ENGL 2268 Survey of British Literature II 19th Century to Present
ENGL 2277Survey of American Literature I Beginnings to 18603
or ENGL 2278 Survey of American Literature II 1860 to Present
ENGL 2280Grammar and Usage3
ENGL 2281Introduction to Language Studies3
ENGL 3311Literary Criticism and Theory3
ENGL 4433Methods of Teaching Literature 13
EDUC 3327Young Adult Literature for Teachers3
Select ONE Upper Division ENGL course3

ENGL 4433 must be completed before Student Teaching Internship.