Social Studies 30 Credit Endorsement

Must be accompanied by a 20 credit endorsement in Economics, History, or Political Science. 

All candidates must take the following required courses:

EDUC 3336Social Science Methods3
An additional twelve (12) credits are required from THREE of the following fields, chosen from the remaining fields BEYOND the one chosen as an additional major or minor (total of 36 credits):
ECON 2201Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 2202Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 3301Macroeconomic Theory3
or ECON 3302 Microeconomic Theory
FIN 1115Personal Finance3
GEOL 1100
The Dynamic Earth
and The Dynamic Earth Lab
GLBL 2270World Regional Geography and Cultures3
Plus TWO of the following geography courses to complete the Geography field:6
Geography for Educators
Principles of Geographic Information Systems
Historical Geography of Idaho
Select TWO history courses from the following list:6
Foundations of Europe
Modern Europe
Latin American History and Culture
Asian History and Culture
Middle East History and Culture
African History and Culture
Plus TWO additional history courses from the following list:6
Early North America
American Industrialization
Modern United States
History for Teachers
Political Science
POLS 1101American National Government3
POLS 2221Introduction to International Relations3
Plus TWO additional political science courses from the following list:6
State and Local Government
Introduction to Political Philosophy
Recent US Foreign Policy
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Political Parties and Groups
The Presidency
The Legislative Process
American Political Theory
Civil Rights and Liberties
Environmental Politics and Policy
Total Credits 36