Healthcare Administration Faculty

Chair and Professor

Tocher, Neil, Department Chair, Healthcare Administration; Department Chair and Professor, Management and Marketing.  B.S. 2002, Gonzaga University; M.S. 2005, Ph.D. 2007, Auburn University.  (2007)


Guo, Ruiling, Professor, Healthcare Administration.  B.A. 1994, Peking University; M.L.I.S. 2003, McGill University; M.P.H. 2011, Idaho State University; D.H.A. 2015, Central Michigan University.  (2003)

Associate Professor and MHA Program Director

Buder, Iris,  MHA Program Director, Healthcare Administration; Associate Dean, College of Business; Associate Professor of Economics.  B.S. 2008, Auburn University; M.S. 2009, Auburn University; Ph.D. 2014, University of Utah.  (2015)

Assistant Professor

Salunkhe, Sonali, Assistant Professor, Healthcare Administration. M.D. 2011, Saratov State Medical University; M.P.H. 2019, University of Louisville; Ph.D. 2023, University of Louisville. (2023)

Clinical Associate Professor

Thompson, Joshua, Clinical Associate Professor, Healthcare Administration. B.S. 2005, Idaho State University; M.P.A. 2006, Idaho State University. (2020)

Executive in Residence

Crabtree, Doug, Executive in Residence and Clinical Assistant Professor, Healthcare Administration.  (2018)

Professor Emeriti 

Farnsworth, Tracy. Professor of Health Care Administration 2011-2021