I.T.C. Basic Electronics

(1 Year)

Program Objectives

  1. Obtain gainful employment as electronics technicians and technical support personnel capable of working in a wide variety of electronics-related fields.

  2. Continue to expand their knowledge and remain current in a continuously expanding industry.

  3. Successfully integrate as productive team members in the electronics industry utilizing written, oral and electronic communications skills.

Required Courses:
RCET 0153ABasic Electricity and DC Circuit Theory4
RCET 0153BBasic Electricity and AC Circuit Theory4
RCET 0154AAnalog Control Devices Theory4
RCET 0154BDigital Control Devices Theory4
RCET 0155ABasic Electricity and DC Circuit Lab2
RCET 0155BBasic Electricity and AC Circuit Lab2
RCET 0156AAnalog Control Devices Laboratory2
RCET 0156BDigital Control Devices Laboratory2
General Education Courses:
ENGL 1101Writing and Rhetoric I3-4
or ENGL 1101P Writing and Rhetoric I Plus
or ENGL 1102 Writing and Rhetoric II
or COMM 1101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
Any Objective 6 course 13
Total Credits30-31