B.S. Respiratory Therapy, non ISU A.S. or A.A.S.

(1 Year)

The Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care is a completion program for graduates of an associate degree in respiratory care (therapy) from a regionally accredited institution.  Idaho State University graduates with an Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy will complete 29 upper division credits to complete the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care. For students transferring from other institutions, transfer coursework will be evaluated course-by-course and credit deficits in general education, lower division, and upper division credits must be completed prior to acceptance to the program.

Program Admissions Requirements

Completion of an Associate of Science or an Associate of Applied Science in Respiratory Therapy from a regionally accredited college or university.

General Education

Students who have completed an AS from a regionally accredited college or university have their ISU general education requirements waived. Students who have completed an AAS may need to take additional coursework to fulfill ISU general education requirements.

Major Requirements

RESP 4400Multicultural Health Care3
RESP 4410Health Care Research3
RESP 4420Leadership in Health Care Professions3
RESP 4430Disease Management3
RESP 4440Caring for an Aging Population2
RESP 4450Ethics in Health Care3
RESP 4460Quality Management and Education3
RESP 4470Disaster Management in Healthcare3
RESP 4480Patient Health Information and Management3
RESP 4490Respiratory Care Capstone3
Total Credits29
Degree Totals
Program Admission RequirementsVaries
General Education0
Major Requirements29
Upper Division Electives7
Free ElectivesVaries
Total Credits 120