Practical Nursing Faculty

Health Occupations Co-Chair and Clinical Assistant Professor

Brumfield, Jennie L., Health Occupations Co-Chair; Clinical Assistant Professor, Associate Degree Registered Nurse.  A.S. 2005, B.S. 2008, M.S. 2011, Idaho State University; M.S. 2015, Gonzaga University.  (2011)

Clinical Senior Instructor

Karroum, Kristie, Clinical Senior Instructor, Practical Nursing.  B.S.N. 2003, San Diego State University; M.S.N. 2017, South University.  (2018)

Clinical Instructors

Briggs, Jennifer, Clinical Instructor, Practical Nursing.  B.S. 1997, M.S.N. 2011, Idaho State University.  (2011)

Elquist, Judy, Clinical Instructor, Practical Nursing.  M.N. 2016, Boise State University.  (2020)

Guinn, Brittney, Clinical Instructor, Practical Nursing - Veteran to Nurse.  Certificate 2017, A.S. 2019, Idaho State University.  (2014)