A.T.C. Computer Network Technician

(2 Years)

Required Courses:
ITS 0105Computer Hardware1
ITS 0120Introduction to Linux3
ITS 0135Windows Desktop Operating Systems3
ITS 0150Networking I4
ITS 0165Cybersecurity3
ITS 0180Network Operating Systems I4
ITS 0205Information Technology Internship7
ITS 0215Networking II4
ITS 0218PowerShell Scripting3
ITS 0220Networking III4
ITS 0235Network Operating Systems II4
ITS 0280Network Operating Systems III4
TGE 0158Employment Strategies2
TGE 1150Applied Social Sciences in the Workplace 13
ENGL 1101Writing and Rhetoric I 13
or ENGL 1101P Writing and Rhetoric I Plus
or ENGL 1102 Writing and Rhetoric II
Total Credits52

 Major Academic Plan (MAP)