I.T.C. Automotive Refinishing

(1.5 Years)

ACRR 1101Introduction to Collision Repair Safety2
ACRR 1102Introduction to Welding for Collision Repair1
ACRR 1103Introduction to Welding for Collision Repair Lab2
ACRR 1104Fundamentals of Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing3
ACRR 1105Detailing and Polishing2
ACRR 1106Minor Collision Repair Theory1
ACRR 1107Minor Collision Repair Lab2
ACRR 1108Fundamentals of Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing Lab3
ACRR 1160Advanced Refinishing I7
ACRR 1161Advanced Refinishing II7
ACRR 1162Advanced Refinishing III7
Total Credits37

 Major Academic Plan (MAP)