Accelerated B.S. Civil Engineering

Accelerated BS to MS Program

Students accepted into an accelerated undergraduate program may take departmentally approved graduate coursework as part of their undergraduate curriculum.  These credits will count towards both their bachelor's and master's degrees and can fulfill major requirements, upper-division requirements, and/or free electives.  For details on accelerated programs at Idaho State University, please see (Degree Requirements).  Students should apply to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for admission into the Accelerated Program.

Once accepted into an accelerated degree program, it is strongly recommended for students to stay in close communication with their advisor regarding the pursuit of acceptance into the Graduate School and the master's degree program at Idaho State University. Acceptance into an accelerated program during the bachelor's degree program is the first step in the admissions process. A separate application to the Graduate School is necessary for all accelerated programs. For more information regarding application and admission to the Graduate School at Idaho State University, please see the Graduate Admissions section of the graduate catalog (

Admission Requirements

4+1 BS and non-thesis MS Accelerated Program:  Qualified undergraduate students (GPA ≥ 3.3) can apply for the accelerated 4+1 BS and MS program (civil or environmental) prior to their last two semesters in the BS program.  Approved students can count up to nine credits of 5000-level required or technical elective courses toward their BS graduation plan.  The nine credits of 5000-level coursework will count towards their non-thesis MS degree.  An additional 24 credits of graduate coursework is required for the accelerated MS program, of which one three-credit course must be CE 6660 Special Project. 

General Education

Including the University's General Education Requirements (a minimum of 36 credits--see the General Education Requirements in the Academic Information section of this catalog), students must complete the required courses listed below. Some of the required courses also satisfy or partially satisfy the General Education Objectives, as noted. The courses are listed in the sequence they are to be taken. 

Objective 1 - ENGL 11026
Objective 2 - COMM 11013
Objective 3 - MATH 11703
Objective 46
Objective 5 CHEM 1111/CHEM 1111L and GEOL 1100/GEOL 1100L or GEOL 2204 or GEOL 22059
Objective 66
Students must fulfill Objective 7 or Objective 83
Objective 7- CS 1181
Objective 8
Objective 93
Total Credits39

Required Courses

ENGL 1102Writing and Rhetoric II (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 1)3
MATH 1170Calculus I (Satisfies General Education Objective 3)4
CHEM 1111
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 5)
Choose one of the following:4
The Dynamic Earth
and The Dynamic Earth
Fluid Earth
Solid Earth
Biology I
and Biology I Lab
MATH 1175Calculus II4
PHYS 2211Engineering Physics I (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 5)4
CE 1105Engineering Graphics2
CE/ME 2210Engineering Statics3
CS/INFO 1181Computer Science and Programming I3
MATH 3352Introduction to Probability3
MATH 2240Linear Algebra3
CE 2200Civil Engineering Tools1
COMM 1101Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Satisfies General Education Objective 2)3
CE/ME 2220Engineering Dynamics3
CE/ME 3350Mechanics of Materials 43
MATH 3360Differential Equations3
CE 3332Basic Geotechnics 43
CE 3337Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory1
CE 3301Surveying3
CE 3362Structural Analysis3
CE 3361Engineering Economics and Management3
CE 3366Civil Engineering Materials2
CE 3367Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory1
CE 4434/5534Geotechnical Design3
CE/ME 3341Fluid Mechanics 43
CE 3351Engineering Hydrology3
ENVE 4408/5508Water and Waste Water Quality 13
CE 4462/5562Design of Steel Structures3
or CE 4464/5564 Design of Concrete Structures
ENVE 4410/5510Introduction to Environmental Engineering3
CE 4435/5535Hydraulic Design3
CE 4496AProject Design I3
CE 4436/5536Transportation Engineering3
CE 4496BProject Design II3
CE Technical Electives 29
Add'l General Education Objectives 3
Total Credits106

Students must earn a minimum of C- in CHEM 1111/CHEM 1111L before enrolling in ENVE 4408.


List of approved courses is available in the Civil Engineering Checklist. Two of the three CE Technical Elective courses must be selected from at least two different areas of Geotechnical, Structures, Water Resources, Environmental, or other areas. The third technical elective can be taken from any of the above areas or from another category or course that has been approved by the Department.

Geotechnical: CE 4438, CE 4454/CE 5554, CE 4455/CE 5555, CE 4475/CE 5575, CE 4476/CE 5576, CE 4480/CE 5580

Structures: CE 4431/CE 5531, CE 4462/CE 5562, CE 4464/CE 5564, CE 4465/CE 5565 CE 4466/CE 5566, CE 4468/CE 5568

Water Resources: CE 4424/CE 5524, CE 4425/CE 5525

 Environmental:CE 4406/CE 5506, ENVE 4404/ENVE 5504, ENVE 4409/ENVE 5509, ENVE 4430/ENVE 5530

 Other: CE 4460/CE 5560, CE 4481, ME 4440/ME 5540


See the General Education Requirements in the Academic Information section of this catalog.


A minimum of C- is required for CE 3332CE 3341/ME 3341 and CE 3350/ME 3350

Approved students can count up to nine credits of 5000-level required or technical elective courses toward their BS graduation plan.  

Emphasis in Engineering Geology

Complete the following courses in addition to the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering:
CE/GEOL 4454Basic Engineering Geology3
CE/GEOL 4455Geologic Data Methods3
CE/GEOL 4475Essentials of Geomechanics3
CE/GEOL 4476Engineering Geology Project1
CE 4480/GEOL 4483Earthquake Engineering3

Degree Totals

Program Admission Requirements
General Education39
Major Requirements (w/o General Education)86
Upper Division Free Electives0
Free Electives0
Total Credits125


Master of Science in Civil Engineering