Minor in Microbiology

The Minor in Microbiology is available to any major, but the upper division coursework (credits) applied to the Minor must be distinct from those applied to the Major.

BIOL 2235
General Microbiology
and General Microbiology Lab
Any combination of the following courses to total 14 credits14
Microbial Physiology
and Microbial Physiology Laboratory
Microbial Diversity
and Microbial Diversity Lab
Experimental Biochemistry
Cell and Molecular Biology
and Cell and Molecular Biology Lab
and Immunology Laboratory
Microbial Genetics
General Virology
Bacterial Virology Laboratory
Animal Virology Laboratory

(BIOL 4482BIOL 4491/BIOL 4492, and BIOL 4494 may not be used without prior approval of the departmental chair or assistant chair.)