Geology 45 Credit Endorsement

Required Courses:
EDUC 3331Science Methods for Teachers3
GEOL 1100
The Dynamic Earth
and The Dynamic Earth Lab (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 5.)
GEOL 1107Real Monsters (Satisfies General Education Objective 7.)3
GEOL 2204Fluid Earth4
GEOL 2205Solid Earth4
GEOL 3310Geologic Field Methods3
GEOL 3315Evolution of the Earth's Surface4
GEOL 4403Principles of Geographic Information Systems3
GEOL 4410Science in American Society2
GEOL 4421Structural Geology4
GEOL 4452Sedimentation-Stratigraphy4
GEOL 4491Seminar1
PHYS 1152Descriptive Astronomy3
Geology Electives3
Earth Materials I 1
Earth Materials II
Global Environmental Change
Principles of Geochemistry
Principles of Hydrogeology
Geobiology and the History of Life
Geology of Idaho
Geology of North America
Historical Geography of Idaho
Total Credits45