Physical Education 45 Credit Endorsement

HPSS 2222First Aid CPR and Sport Safety3
HPSS 2223Foundations of Physical Education and Sport3
HPSS 2237Activity Performance Techniques3
HPSS 2243Anatomical Foundations of Human Activity3
HPSS 2281Practical Outdoor Skills1
HPSS 3300Movement Theory and Motor Development3
HPSS 3303Kinesiology for Teachers and Coaches3
HPSS 3357Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education3
HPSS 3362Tests and Measurements in Physical Education3
HPSS 3370Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries3
HPSS 4437Methods of Teaching Secondary Physical Education3
HPSS 4475Organization and Administration of Physical Education3
HPSS 4494Adapted Physical Activity3
One (1) Aquatics PEAC course, examples include: 11
Beginning Swimming
Intermediate Swimming
One (1) Field based PEAC course, examples include: 11
Beginning Soccer
Intermediate Soccer
Ultimate Frisbee
Beginning Disc Golf
Beginning Golf
Intermediate Golf
Touch Rugby
Team Sports Lacrosse
Team Sports Flag Football
One (1) Court based PEAC course, example include: 11
Beginning Racquetball
Intermediate Racquetball
Advanced Racquetball
Beginning Tennis
Intermediate Tennis
Advanced Tennis
Beginning Badminton
Intermediate Badminton
Advanced Badminton
Racquet Sports
Table Tennis
Beginning Basketball
Intermediate Basketball
Beginning Volleyball
Intermediate Volleyball
Team Sports Inline Roller Hockey
One (1) Lifetime activity PEAC course, examples include: 11
Beginning Pilates Matwork
Intermediate Pilates Matwork
Beginning Yoga
Intermediate Yoga
Yoga Sports Conditioning
Triathlon Training
Fitness Trend
Self Defense
Shorin Ryu Karate
Shoshin Ryu
Aerobics Toning and Conditioning
Aerobics Boot Camp
Aerobics Core Fitball
Aerobics Kickboxing
Aerobics Zumba
Aerobics Nutrition and Weight Management
Aerobics Turbokick
Aerobics Cardio Jam
Aerobics Cardio Hip Hop
Interval Training
Individualized Physical Education
Jogging and Personal Fitness
Beginning Weight Training
Intermediate Weight Training
Introduction to Hatha Yoga
Intermediate Hatha Yoga
Target Fit TM Conditioning
Marathon Training
Beginning Fencing
Intermediate Fencing
Beginning Billiards
Intermediate Billiards
Fundamentals of Bowling
Intermediate Bowling
Advanced Team Bowling
Intermediate Judo
Advanced Judo
Self Defense Judo
Tae Kwon Do
Archery-Bowhunter Education
Hunters Education Certification
Beginning Karate
Beginning Womens Judo
Tai Chi
Intermediate Tai Chi
Beginning Skiing
Intermediate Skiing
Advanced Skiing
Beginning Night Skiing
Beginning Snowboarding
Intermediate Snowboarding
Advanced Snowboarding
Beginning Ice Skating
Backcountry GPS Navigation
Kayak Touring
Day Hiking
SCUBA Diving
Skin and SCUBA Diving Certification
Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diving
Beginning Kayaking
Beginning Rock Climbing
Intermediate Rock Climbing
Beginning Cross-Country Skiing
Intermediate Cross-Country Skiing
Beginning Telemark Cross-Country Skiing
Intermediate Telemark Cross-Country Skiing
Diver Stress and Rescue
Beginning Windsurfing
Intermediate Windsurfing
Mountain Biking
Basic Mountaineering
Beginning Fly Fishing
Intermediate Fly Fishing
Advanced Flyfishing Skills
Advanced Flyfishing River and Still Water
Advanced Flyfishing Fly Rod Building
Beginning Fly Tying
Intermediate Fly Tying
Beginning Gym Climbing
Basic Horsemanship
Intermediate Horsemanship
Leave No Trace Workshop
Caving Workshop
One (1) additional PEAC course from the examples listed above 11
One of the following:3
Introduction to Sport Psychology
Introduction to Sport Law
Total Credits45

For a complete list, please contact your advisor.

IN ADDITION: Candidate must present a current First Aid and CPR Card to advisor at the time of graduation.