Drama 45 Credit Endorsement

CMP 2205Argumentation3
CMP 3308Groups and Communication3
THEA 1101Survey of Theatre3
THEA 1111Stagecraft3
THEA 1121Script Analysis3
THEA 1191Theatre Production1
or THEA 3391 Theatre Production
THEA 2201Fundamentals of Theatre Design3
THEA 2214Makeup3
THEA 2221Stage Costume Construction3
THEA 2251Fundamentals of Acting3
THEA 2252Intermediate Acting Scene Study3
THEA 3304Stage Management3
THEA 3310Drafting for the Theatre3
THEA 3311Scene Design3
THEA 3312Stage Lighting Design3
or THEA 4403 Stage Costume Design
THEA 4455Beginning Stage Direction3
Total Credits46