Minor in Outdoor Education

Candidates seeking a minor in outdoor education must complete a total of 22 credits from the four components below. Candidates must also achieve the following in addition to completing the course requirements:

  1. A minimum grade of “C” (2.0) in all required and elective minor courses.

  2. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in the minor.

Leadership and Teaching Component (9 credits):

HPSS 3386Outdoor Leadership3
HPSS 4440Survey of Outdoor Education Literature3
HPSS 4445Methods of Teaching Outdoor Activities and Practicum3-4

Outdoor Education Safety Component (5 credits):

Required Course
HPSS 2283Leave No Trace Trainer1
Select a minimum of four (4) additional credits from the following list. One of the courses (and no more than one course) must be wilderness first aid-related.
HPSS 2271Winter Survival Skills1
HPSS 2272Wilderness Survival Skills1
HPSS 2282Map Compass and Backcountry Navigation1
HPSS 2285Wilderness First Aid1
HPSS 2286Avalanche and Winter Sports Safety1
HPSS 3381River Safety and Swiftwater Rescue1
HPSS 3383Advanced Rock Climbing and Climbing Safety2
HPSS 4441Wilderness First Responder Certification3

Candidates who at the time of graduation possess a current certificate in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Wilderness First Responder may apply three (3) credits to this component.

Natural History OR Outdoor Business Component (3 credits)

Students may select either of the following two options:

Option A: Natural History Component (minimum of 3 credits)
(Courses in this Option are waived for majors or minors in geology, biology, botany, zoology or ecology.)

BIOL 1101
Biology I
and Biology I Lab
BIOL 1102
Biology II
and Biology II Lab
BIOL 2209General Ecology4
BIOL 2213Fall Flora2
BIOL 2214Spring Flora2
BIOL 3337Conservation Biology3
BIOL 4426
and Herpetology Lab
BIOL 4427
and Ichthyology Lab
BIOL 4438Ornithology4
BIOL 4441
and Mammalogy Lab
BIOL 4489Field Ecology4
GEOL 1100The Dynamic Earth3
GEOL 1100LThe Dynamic Earth Lab1
GEOL 1101Physical Geology3
GEOL 1101LPhysical Geology Lab1
GEOL 4456Geology of Idaho2
GEOL 4491Seminar1
PHYS 1152Descriptive Astronomy3
PHYS 1153Descriptive Astronomy Laboratory1

Option B: Outdoor Business Component (3 credits)
(Courses in this option are waived for business related majors or minors.)

MGT 1101Introduction to Business3
MKTG 2225Introduction to Marketing3
ACCT 3303Accounting Concepts3

Experiential Skills Component (5 credits)

Minimum of five (5) credits required. Courses selected must be different from those used to fulfill the requirements of the Outdoor Education Safety Component.

HPSS 2200Team Building Leadership2
HPSS 2271Winter Survival Skills1
HPSS 2272Wilderness Survival Skills1
HPSS 2280Winter Camping and Backcountry Travel1
HPSS 2281Practical Outdoor Skills1
HPSS 2282Map Compass and Backcountry Navigation1
HPSS 2284Intermediate Kayaking and Whitewater Safety1
HPSS 2286Avalanche and Winter Sports Safety1
HPSS 2287Snowboard Instructor Training1
HPSS 2288Ski Instructor Training1
HPSS 3381River Safety and Swiftwater Rescue1
HPSS 3383Advanced Rock Climbing and Climbing Safety2
HPSS 4491PE Workshop 11-3
PEAC 1101Adaptive Snow Skiing1
PEAC 1108Instructor Training of Adapted Snowskiing1
PEAC 1163Backpacking1
PEAC 1165Backcountry GPS Navigation1
PEAC 1166Canoeing1
PEAC 1167Kayak Touring1
PEAC 1175ABeginning Kayaking1
PEAC 1176ABeginning Rock Climbing1
PEAC 1177ABeginning Cross-Country Skiing1
PEAC 1178ABeginning Telemark Cross-Country Skiing1
PEAC 1178BIntermediate Telemark Cross-Country Skiing1
PEAC 1181Mountain Biking1
PEAC 1182CAdvanced Dutch Oven Cooking1
PEAC 1185Basic Mountaineering1
PEAC 1186BIntermediate Fly Fishing1
PEAC 1189Beginning Gym Climbing1
PEAC 1191BIntermediate Horsemanship1
PEAC 1194Caving Workshop1
Total Credits22