Accounting Faculty

Chair and Professor

Picard, Robert R., Department Chair and Professor, Accounting.  B.S. 1976, Northern Michigan University; M.B.A. 1984, University of St. Thomas; Ph.D. 1994, University of ­Kentucky.  (1994)

Associate Professor

Wood, Justin, Assistant Professor, Accounting.  B.S. 2004, M.B.A. 2010, Brigham Young University; Ph.D. 2017, University of Iowa.  (2016)

Assistant Professors

Boyle, Erik, Assistant Professor, Accounting.  B.S. 2006, M.S. 2006, Brigham Young University; Ph.D. 2015, University of Utah.  (2020)

Pearson, Christopher, Assistant Professor, Accounting. B.S. 2015, MAcc. 2016, Southern Utah University;  Ph.D. University of Kentucky. (2022)

Thompson, Kristen, Assistant Professor, Accounting. B.S. 2014, M.S. 2015, University of Central Florida;  Ph.D. University of South Carolina. (2022)

Clinical Associate Professor

Bagley, Dave, Clinical Associate Professor, Accounting.  B.A. 1999, Brigham Young University; J.D. 2005, University of Idaho; LL.M. 2006, University of Florida.  (2015)

Konicek, Dawn L., Clinical Associate Professor, Accounting.  B.B.A. 1990, M.B.A. 2008, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater; Ed.D. 2018, Northcentral University.  (2012)

Clinical Assistant Professors

Fitch, Brody, Clinical Assistant Professor, Accounting. B.B.A. 2012, MAcc. 2014, Idaho State University. (2021)

Leffler, Jerry, Clinical Assistant Professor, Accounting. B.B.A. 1999, M.B.A. 2000, Idaho State University.  (2016)


Boes, Richard F., Professor, Accounting. 1977-2011

Plewa, Jr., Franklin J., Professor, Accounting. 1984-2013

Pumphrey, Lela "Kitty' D., Professor, Accounting. 1988-2006

Reis, Priscilla R., Associate Professor, Accounting. 1994-2013

Smith, Jill M., Assistant Professor, ­Accounting. 1986-2009

Smith, Kenneth A., Professor, Accounting. 1970-2015