Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies

SOC 2201Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies3
SOC 4412Sexuality and the Body3
SOC/SOWK 4421Families in Social Context3
SOC/SOWK 4438Sexual Crimes3
Electives - Complete 6 credits from the following:6
Sex and Human Evolution
Gender and Communication
Gender and Sexuality in Literature
Gender in Global Affairs (Issues and Impact)
Women In U.S. History
Families in Former Times
Women in World History
Women and Politics
Human Sexuality
Power, Class, and Prestige
Sociology Internship 1
Independent Problems in Sociology 1
Total Credits18

Students may take up to 3 credits of SOC 4482 Sociology Internship and up to 4 credits of SOC 4483 Independent Problems in Sociology if they fulfill the requirements for these courses and if the content of these courses is approved by the Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Students can select alternative elective courses with approval of the Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies.