Certificate in Environmental Studies

Minimum 12 credits, taken from at least 3 different departments.
ANTH 4402Ecological Anthropology3
ANTH 4425Food and Culture3
ANTH 4481Topics in Sociocultural Anthropology3
English and Philosophy:
ENGL 4471Literature and the Environment3
GEOL 4416Global Environmental Change3
HIST 4426Foodways in History3
HIST 4430Global Environmental History3
HIST 4432U.S. Environmental History3
HIST 4433History of Energy3
Political Science:
POLS 4455Environmental Politics and Policy3
POLS 4462International Sustainable Development3
POLS 4409Community Planning3
POLS 4437Science and Technology Policy3
POLS 4466Public Lands Policy3
Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology:
SOC 4435Environmental Sociology3
SOC 4466Rural Sociology and Community Development3
Total Credits:12

Relevant courses not listed here may be applied to this certificate at the discretion of the chair of the History Department. Students should submit requests for alternate credits to the department chair.