Chair and Professor: S. Helman

Professors: Anderson, Bond, Hasenpflug, Lane, Livingston Friedley 

Associate Professors: Armstrong, Choi, Kloss

Assistant Professors: Cox, Flanders, Ludema

Adjunct Faculty: Adams, Ballif, Brooks, Colby, Emerson, G. Friedley, M. Helman, Hughes, Neiwirth, Thompson

Master of Education in K-12 Education / Music EducationDegreeM.Ed.

Master of Education in K-12 Education / Music Education

The master's degree in Music Education is a degree program housed in the College of Education and presented in collaboration with the Department of Music. For admission into this program, apply first to the College of Education's Department of Teaching and Educational Studies. Music content courses are listed in this section.

The master's degree in Music Education is designed to strengthen the student’s understanding, knowledge, and skills in three major areas — Core Professional Studies, Specialty Studies, and Integrative Field Research Studies — as they relate to music education. The program is designed to meet the needs of music education specialists who work in the public school system (grades K-12) or who aspire to further graduate study and teaching in music education.

Students pursuing the Master of Education in Music Education will:

  1. Demonstrate an appropriate level of core competence as a public school music educator;
  2. Develop critical skills to improve abilities to relating music instruction to current societal and educational issues, along with an awareness of historical and current content practices in the United States;
  3. Discover the numerous aspects and avenues that are a part of curricular issues in contemporary music education;
  4. Develop a variety of strategies and approaches as related to a personal philosophy of effective music instruction.