Interprofessional Minor for Healthy Aging


Course offerings provide students from any major an opportunity to become knowledgeable about the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of the aging process. Additionally, required course work furnishes students with an excellent understanding of health and aging, as well as an understanding of the social welfare policy and programs related to the older adult.

Core Courses
DHS 4402Survey of Aging Issues3
DHS 4403Interprofessional Systems in Geriatric Management3
DHS 4404Geriatric Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Internship2
Total Credits 8
Choose 4 Elective Courses for a Minor in Healthy Aging (All 4 courses selected must be from different departments)
CMP 4422Conflict Management3
SOC 3330Sociology of Health and Illness3
PSYC 3344Adult Development and Aging3
FCS 3314Interior Design and Housing3
FCS 4431Family Resource Management3
FCS 4435Relationships within Families3
FCS 4470Consumer Economics3
ANTH 2238Peoples and Cultures of the New World3
ANTH 4425Food and Culture3
PHIL 2230Medical Ethics3
NURS 3130Adult Health Nursing I3
NTD 2239Nutrition3
Total Credits 20