Interprofessional Certificate in Mindfulness

The Interprofessional Certificate in Mindfulness allows the student to develop a broad understanding of mindfulness research and theory, as well as develop skills in mindfulness practice and its specific applications in a variety of settings.

DHS 4411Introduction to Mindfulness Practice1-2
or DHS 4410 Fundamentals of Mindfulness
DHS 4405Effects of Mindfulness Practice1-2
or DHS 4406 The Mindful Practitioner
DHS 4401Mindfulness in Health Science2
DHS 4415Mindfulness Capstone1
Applications of Mindfulness: Choose 2 credits from the following courses:2
Mindful Self-Compassion
Introduction to Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness
Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice
Independent Study in Mindfulness
Theory and Context of Mindfulness: Choose ONE of the following (3 credits)3
Introduction to Asian Philosophies
Cognitive Neuroscience
Evidence Based Complementary and Integrative Health
Movement Meditation Course: Choose ONE of the following (1 credit)1
Beginning Yoga
Intermediate Yoga
Tai Chi
Total Credits 11-13