Intermediate Technical Certificate: Energy Systems Technology

(1 Year)

Program Prerequisites:

Students must be qualified for college-level coursework in English and Math (see an advisor for details).


Fundamental electronics, electrical, and energy systems program.


To prepare students as entry-level technician and maintenance assistants to meet the needs of the electrical and process industry.

Required Courses:
ESET 0100Engineering Technology Orientation1
ESET 0100LEngineering Technology Orientation Lab1
Select a minimum of sixteen (16) credits from the following courses: 116
ESET 0101Electrical Circuits I5
ESET 0101LElectrical Circuits I Laboratory5
ESET 0102Electrical Circuits II5
ESET 0102LElectrical Circuits II Laboratory5
ESET 0110Introduction to Process Control1
ESET 0110LIntroduction to Process Control Laboratory1
ESET 0121Basic Electricity and Electronics4
ESET 0121LBasic Electricity and Electronics Laboratory3
ESET 0122Electrical Systems and Motor Control Theory3
ESET 0122LElectrical Systems and Motor Control Theory Laboratory1
ESET 0123Mechanical Power Transmission2
ESET 0123LMechanical Power Transmission Laboratory1
ESET 0125Introduction to Structural Welding1
ESET 0126Introduction to Mechanical Drafting and Computer Aided Design1
ESET 0127Mechanical Power Transmission II2
ESET 0127LMechanical Power Transmission Laboratory II2
ESET 0151Nuclear Industry Fundamental Concepts3
ESET 0151LNuclear Industry Fundamental Concepts Lab1
ESET 0152Nuclear Careers and Information1
ESET 0153Radiological Control Fundamentals3
Select a minimum of eight (8) credits from the following math courses:8
ESET 0140Applied Technical Intermediate Algebra5
ESET 0141Applied Mathematics I4
ESET 0142Applied Mathematics II4
MATH 1143College Algebra3
MATH 1144Trigonometry2
MATH 1147College Algebra and Trigonometry5
MATH 1153Statistical Reasoning3
MATH 1170Calculus I4
Required General Education Courses:7
PHYS 1101
Elements of Physics
and Elements of Physics Laboratory
COMM 1101Fundamentals of Oral Communication 23
Minimum Total Credits33