Health Occupations (HO)

Health Occupations (HO)

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HO 0105 Introduction to Allied Health Careers: 2 semester hours.

Introduction to allied health careers emphasizing the interrelationships and the team approach to health care. F, S

HO 0106 Medical Terminology: 2 semester hours.

Body systems approach to theory and application of medical terms including anatomical, pathological, surgical and diagnostic as well as appropriate abbreviations. F, S

HO 0107 Medical Law and Ethics: 3 semester hours.

Principles and application of law to health care organizations and personnel, standards of care and liability; covers tort, contract and statutory law. F, S

HO 0108 Basic Anatomy: 2 semester hours.

The study of the structure and organization of the body and its parts. F, S

HO 0110 Over the Counter and Herbal Medications: 2 semester hours.

An overview of the significance of over-the-counter (OTC) and herbal drug therapy in our society. The role of the pharmacy technician in selling and providing information about OTC and herbal therapy will be reviewed. Therapeutic drug classifications, indications,dosage forms, major ingredients, common side effects, and significant drug interactions will be covered for OTC drugs. For herbal medications, students will learn to associate the names of herbal medications with common uses, recognize potential adverse effects, and be aware of potential drug interactions between herbs and conventional medication. Federal regulation of OTC and herbal medications will also be reviewed. F

HO 0111 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology: 4 semester hours.

An introductory study of the normal structure and function of body cells, tissues, organs, and systems. BIOL 1101 and BIOL 1101L are suggested as prerequisites to this course. PRE-or-COREQ: HO 0106. F, S, SU

HO 0208 Introduction to Pathology: 3 semester hours.

An introductory course in the concepts of pathology. Includes causes, common mechanisms, and anatomic or functional manifestations of human disease. PREREQ: HO 0111 or BIOL 3301 and BIOL 3301L and BIOL 3302 and BIOL 3302L. F, S

HO 0209 Principles of Drugs and Their Uses: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to the study of drugs, their sources, appearance, actions, uses, and basic principles of therapeutic drug administration. Classification of drug safety issues, sources of drug information, legislation related to drugs, and drug references will be included. PREREQ: HO 0111 or BIOL 3301 and BIOL 3301L and BIOL 3302 and BIOL 3302L. F, S

HO 0299 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This course is not described in the catalog. The course title and number of credits are announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times with the same title and content.

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