Special Education

Program Description Type Degree
Special Education, B.A./B.S.DegreeB.A./B.S.
Deaf Education (Non-Certification), MinorMinor


The Special Education major provides candidates with a bachelor’s degree in special education and prepares candidates for professional certification with an endorsement as a special education generalist. 

Broadly stated, the objectives of the Special Education Program are:

  1. Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of a wide variety of disability categories and their instructional implications, as well as the legal and ethical considerations for educating individuals with disabilities.
  2. Candidates will demonstrate understanding of instructional methodologies and curricula that have an extensive experimental research base to support their effectiveness for all individuals, especially those with learning difficulties.
  3. Candidates will make instructional decisions based on reliable and valid data that are primarily objective in nature.
  4. Candidates will demonstrate instruction and behavior management strategies that are proactive and teach new skills, as opposed to being punitive in nature.
  5. Candidates will demonstrate professional and collaboration skills with teachers, parents, administrators, and other professionals.


SPED Courses