Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Special Education

Program Admissions Requirements

Prior to acceptance to the B.A./B.S. in Special Education Program, all applicants must complete SPED 3330 or SPED 3340 and earn a grade of at least C. Candidates must also complete EDUC 2201 and EDUC 2204 with grades of C or better and pass performance assessments associated with these courses, have an overall GPA of at least 3.0, and be approved by a faculty screening committee following an admission interview.

Course Requirements for the B.A. or B.S. degree (in addition to university requirements):

EDUC 2201Development and Individual Differences3
EDUC 2204Families Community Culture3
EDUC 3308Foundations of Educational Knowledge, Planning, and Assessment3
EDUC 3311Instructional Technology3
EDUC 3321Integrated Language Arts Methods3
EDUC 3322Literature for Children across the Curriculum3
EDUC 3330Elementary Math Methods3
EDUC 3331Science Methods for Teachers3
EDUC 4408Pre-Internship Field Experience Seminar3
EDUC 4419Developmental Literacy3
EDUC 4470Advanced Mathematics Methods3
MATH 2256Structure of Arithmetic for Elementary School Teachers (Satisfies General Education Objective 3)3
MATH 2257Structure of Geometry and Probability for Elementary School Teachers3
SPED 3330The Exceptional Child3
SPED 3340Principles of Behavior Management3
SPED 4423Designing Instruction3
SPED 4424Assessment Procedures in Special Education3
SPED 4429Teaching Students with Significant and Multiple Disabilities3
SPED 4434Language and Communication Methods in Special Education3
or CSD 3335 Language Development and Disorders
SPED 4435Practicum in Small Group Instruction2
SPED 4443Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder3
SPED 4446Secondary Special Education3
SPED 4490Consultation and Collaboration3
SPED 4495Special Education:Student Teaching Internship 112