Finance (FIN)

Finance (FIN)

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FIN 1115 Personal Finance: 3 semester hours.

Evaluate and analyze personal and public information and databases to develop financial literacy for budgeting, credit, borrowing, planning, insurance, investing and estate planning. Examine financial literacy within the larger context of the regulatory environment, society, data integrity and ethics. Satisfies Objective 8 of the General Education Requirements. F, S

FIN 3303 Financial Concepts: 3 semester hours.

Applications of basic financial decision-making tools that emphasize fundamental financial concepts and literacy. Topics include financial statement analysis, time value of money, capital budgeting, risk and return, the cost of capital, valuation, investing fundamentals, raising capital, and operation of financial markets. Available to non-business majors only. D

FIN 3315 Corporate Financial Management: 3 semester hours.

Corporate finance basics such as financial statement analysis, time value of money, security valuation, capital investment analysis, cost of capital, capital structure, and dividend policy. PREREQ: ACCT 2202, MGT 2216, ECON 2201, and ECON 2202. F, S

FIN 3393 Finance Internship: 1-3 semester hours.

Internship program coordinated by faculty providing significant exposure to finance issues. May not be used to fulfill major requirements. May be repeated for up to 3 credits. Graded S/U. F, S

FIN 4405 Advanced Corporate Financial Management I: 3 semester hours.

Evaluation and analysis for financial decision making. Asset valuation, cost of capital, leasing, dividend policy, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, asset restructuring and additional topics related to firms' financial decisions and performance. PREREQ: FIN 3315. F, S

FIN 4431 Financial Modeling: 3 semester hours.

Survey of integrative modeling with special applications of computer models. Includes topics from cash flow forecasting, mergers and acquisition, financial structure, and capital budgeting. PREREQ: FIN 3315. D

FIN 4445 Real Estate Finance: 3 semester hours.

Principles and methods of valuing business and residential land and improvements; analysis of sources and methods used in the financing of construction and development. PREREQ: FIN 3315. D

FIN 4448 Financial Management of Depository Institutions: 3 semester hours.

An analysis of the managerial issues which affect the financial performance of depository institutions such as capital adequacy, liquidity and asset/liability management techniques, profitability analysis, funding and investment decisions. PREREQ: FIN 3315. D

FIN 4451 Student Managed Investment Fund I: 3 semester hours.

Management of the D.A. Davidson Student-Managed Investment Fund. Students act as financial analysts. Provides students with the real-world knowledge and judgment crucial to sound investing. Students may apply either FIN 4451 or FIN 4452, but not both, toward their finance electives. PREREQ: FIN 3315. F

FIN 4452 Student Managed Investment Fund II: 3 semester hours.

Continuation of FIN 4451. Management of the D.A. Davidson Student Investment Fund. Students act as financial analysts. Emphasis on security selection, portfolio management, and creation of an annual report. Students can apply either FIN 4451 or FIN 4452, but not both, toward their finance electives. PREREQ: FIN 3315. S

FIN 4464 Entrepreneurial Finance: 3 semester hours.

Develops financial/managerial skills important to students pursuing entrepreneurial careers. Topics include financial issues to entrepreneurial firms and financing sources available to entrepreneurial companies. PREREQ: FIN 3315. D

FIN 4475 International Corporate Finance: 3 semester hours.

Study of financing investment projects abroad including the tapping of overseas capital markets, financing export transactions, hedging foreign exchange risks, and the control alternatives of international business. PREREQ: FIN 3315. D

FIN 4478 Investments: 3 semester hours.

Fundamental principles in the risk-return valuation of financial instruments. Topics include the institutional framework in which securities are traded, modern portfolio theory, asset pricing, derivatives, and portfolio management. PREREQ: FIN 3315. F, S

FIN 4480 Corporate Analysis and Performance: 3 semester hours.

Modeling, measuring and interpreting financial and strategic management of firms for decision making from a short- and long-term perspective. PREREQ: FIN 3315. D

FIN 4484 Options and Futures: 3 semester hours.

Examination of the pricing and use of options, financial futures, swaps, and other derivative securities. PREREQ: FIN 3315. D

FIN 4491 Seminar in Finance: 3 semester hours.

Reading, discussion, and preparation of reports on selected topics. Restricted to senior and graduate students in business who have the consent of the instructor. May be repeated for up to 6 credits with permission of the instructor. D

FIN 4492 Special Problems in Finance: 2-3 semester hours.

Research and reports on selected problems or topics in finance. May be repeated for up to 9 credits with different content and permission of the major advisor and the dean. PREREQ: Senior or Graduate status in Business, and permission of the Dean. D

FIN 4493 Advanced Finance Internship: 3 semester hours.

Significant business experience coordinated by the faculty to provide broad exposure to finance issues. Letter grade assigned. F, S

FIN 4499 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This course is not described in the catalog. The course title and number of credits are announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times. May be repeated.

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