Human Performance and Sport Studies (HPSS)

How to Read Course Descriptions


HPSS 5513 Sport in Cinema: 3 semester hours.

Investigate sport, and the treatment of sport, through the medium of modern cinema. Sport will be analyzed from the sociological, psychological, moral and ethical perspective of the filmmakers. Specific, evaluated graduate-level activities and/or performances are identified in the course syllabus.

HPSS 5514 Athletic Performance Nutrition: 3 semester hours.

Review of nutritional requirements and strategies for optimal human performance across the lifespan. Specific, evaluated graduate-level activities and/or performances are identified in the course syllabus. PREREQ: HPSS 3301 & HPSS 3301L or permission of the instructor. S

HPSS 5527 Personal Trainer Certification: 3 semester hours.

Theoretical knowledge and practical skills in preparation for national certification exam in personal training. Guidelines for instructing safe, effective and purposeful exercise; essentials for the client-trainer relationship, conducting health and fitness assessments, and designing and implementing appropriate exercise programming.

HPSS 5565 Organization and Administration of Intramural Sports: 3 semester hours.

Study of various methods of organizing and administering intramural sports programs on the junior high school, high school, and college levels.

HPSS 5573 Facility Planning and Designing: 3 semester hours.

Through examples and recognized theory, students gain understanding about the complexity involved in conceptualizing, constructing, promoting, managing and maintaining modern sport stadiums, arenas, domes and multi-purpose facilities and engage in practical experiences for designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating sporting events. S

HPSS 5580 Coaching Problems: 1-3 semester hours.

Athletic control, eligibility, new coaching techniques, finances, safety measures, public relations, duties of coaches, managers, and officials. May be repeated for up to 4 credits. Specific, evaluated graduate-level activities and/or performances are identified in the course syllabus.

HPSS 5581 Coaching Clinic: 1 semester hour.

ISU is a sponsor of the annual Idaho Coaches Association Clinic held during the first week of August. Instruction offered in football, basketball, and other sports by coaches of national reputation. May not be applied to degree programs. May be repeated.

HPSS 5585 Independent Problems in Physical Education: 1-3 semester hours.

Individual work under staff guidance. Field and/or library research on specific physical education problems. May be repeated up to 6 credits.

HPSS 5591 Physical Education Workshop: 1-3 semester hours.

A critical analysis of one or more areas of physical education. Limited enrollment. May be repeated up to six credits.

HPSS 5594 Adapted Physical Activity: 3 semester hours.

History, philosophy, and the teaching//learning process in providing adapted physical activity in schools and community-based settings. Includes clinical experiences. PREREQ: BIOL 3301 or HPSS 2243; HPSS 3300 and HPSS 3362.

HPSS 5599 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This is an experimental course. The course title and number of credits are noted by course section and announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times. May be repeated.

HPSS 6605 Leadership and Administration: 3 semester hours.

Development of leadership skills and the dynamics of group process relative to effective interpersonal relationship with special emphasis on Physical Education and Athletic programs and personnel needs.

HPSS 6610 Advanced Sport Psychology: 3 semester hours.

Designed to define, critique, and apply critical perspectives of sport and exercise psychology, including aggression theories, violence, cohesion, and social facilitation. Aspects of coaching theory and its application are included.

HPSS 6612 Advanced Sociology of Sport: 3 semester hours.

Social aspects of sport and society, with emphasis on the relationship between sport, culture, and ideology.

HPSS 6615 Philosophy and Principles of Athletics in Education: 3 semester hours.

The role of athletics in education, the function and organization of leagues and conferences of coaches, certification of coaches, ethics, and public relations.

HPSS 6620 Curriculum and Supervision: 3 semester hours.

Consideration of the physical education curriculum in public schools and in colleges and universities. Recent developments and current trends that influence the curriculum and supervision policies. Observation techniques, standards in judging instruction, the supervisory conference, cooperative supervision, basic foundation of curriculum construction, and lesson planning.

HPSS 6622 Survey of Prof Lit: 3 semester hours.

Identification and investigation of professional literature and its application to current and future directions of the field. Extensive reading and formal writing required. May be repeated.

HPSS 6625 Advanced Sport Marketing: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to the basic nature of marketing in sport and athletics as it relates to consumer behavior, research in sport marketing, defining the sport product, market segmentation, pricing, promotion, and public relations, and the legal aspects of sport/athletics.

HPSS 6631 Athletics and the Law: 3 semester hours.

A study of the administrative role relating to the regulation of athletic competition and athletic programs. A review of significant court cases dealing with sports law, with application to the school setting.

HPSS 6634 Sport Finance: 3 semester hours.

This course is designed to introduce students to the basics of finance and accounting in sport and athletics. Topics include (a) principles and theories of economics, (b) basics of accounting, (c) principles of budgeting, (d) financial reporting, (e) financing of facilities, and (f) economic impact of venues and events.

HPSS 6635 Management Aspects of Athletics: 3 semester hours.

Factors involved in the conduct of athletic events such as contracts, scheduling, travel, game management, crowd control, and the legal implications of athletics.

HPSS 6640 Research and Writing: 3 semester hours.

Analysis and interpretation of the basic principles of research and writing as they relate to physical education, athletics and allied fields of endeavor. Integration of research and writing procedures likely to have the greatest influence on programs and practices relating to the administration of P.E.D. programs.

HPSS 6648 Problems: 1-3 semester hours.

Individual and group study of problems in the areas of physical education and recreation. May be repeated to 6 hours credit.

HPSS 6649 Issues in PED and Athletic Administration: 3 semester hours.

A study of the current issues applicable to the administration of PED and athletics. Opportunities may be afforded for study within specialized areas. May be repeated up to 6 hours with departmental permission.

HPSS 6650 Thesis: 1-6 semester hours.

Thesis. 1-6 credits. May be repeated. Graded S/U.

HPSS 6651 Masters Project in PED and Athletics: 1-3 semester hours.

Master's Project. Maybe repeated. Graded S/U.

HPSS 6655 Internship: 1 semester hour.

Administration, supervision and operation of a P.E.D. or Athletic Program. Students work under the direction of a graduate faculty member and practicing administrator. May be repeated up to 6 credits. May be graded S/U.

HPSS 6658 Athletics in the West: 3 semester hours.

Field-based review of programs and topics related to physical education and athletic administration, including: tours of facilities in schools, colleges, and professional athletics; lessons and seminars with practitioners and scholars.

HPSS 6699 Experimental Course: 1 semester hour.

This is an experimental course. The course title and number of credits are noted by course section and announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times. May be repeated.