Civil Engr Tech (CET)

Civil Engr Tech (CET)

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CET 0110 Applied Mathematics I: 3 semester hours.

Algebra, equations and word problems, functions and graphs, geometry, right triangle trigonometry and vectors, factoring and fractional equations. Emphasis on using scientific calculator. Math will be applied to practical lab and field work when possible. F

CET 0111 Drawing with CAD: 3 semester hours.

A basic study of mechanical drawing with computer-aided-drafting emphasis. Instructional units include icon uses with layers, linetypes and colors, editing drawings, coordinate usage, polylines, text; hatching, dimensioning, multiview, and layout. Equivalent to GEMT 1111. F

CET 0112 Beginning Survey: 5 semester hours.

Introduction to surveying. Theory and field work using equipment in the areas of measuring (taping, chaining, using hand levels), leveling (differential and profile), theodolites and total stations. Field projects include alignment stakeout, profile leveling, closed traverse, and an introduction to survey coordinate geometry applications. Equivalent to GEMT 1112. F

CET 0115A Materials Testing I: 5 semester hours.

This course will introduce students to testing procedures for testing aggregate, soils, embankment and base, and nuclear densometer. Students will prepare for three Level I certifications through Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction (WAQTC). F

CET 0120 Applied Mathematics II: 3 semester hours.

A continuation of CET 0110 Applied Mathematics I studying oblique triangle trigonometry and vectors; radians, arc length, and rotations; exponents and radicals; quadratics equations; ratio and proportion, with emphasis on areas relating to Civil Engineering Technology. PREREQ: CET 0110. S

CET 0121 Civil Engineering Technology Drafting: 3 semester hours.

Civil Engineering Technology drafting, municipal and rural maps and drawing, drainage applications, plan and profile drawings, cross-sections, earthwork plats, legal descriptions, contour, quantity calculations, and other details relating to civil engineering technology drawings. Computer-aided-drafting (CAD) is used for drawings. Equivalent to GEMT 1121. PREREQ: CET 0111/GEMT 1111. S

CET 0122 Intermediate Surveying and Spatial Analysis: 5 semester hours.

Study land surveying techniques, traverses and closures, bearings, coordinates, construction surveying and staking. Control for surveys, topographic surveying and mapping using software, data collectors, and coordinate geometry (COGO) to solve surveying problems. Introduction to spatial analysis: data collection and transformation. Equivalent to GEMT 1122 and UAS 0222. PREREQ: CET 0112/GEMT 1112. S

CET 0125A Materials Testing II: 5 semester hours.

This course will introduce students to testing procedures for Portland Cement Concrete and nuclear densometer. Students will prepare for two Level II certifications through Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction (WAQTC) and one Level I certification through American Concrete Institute (ACI). PREREQ: CET 0115A. S

CET 0216 Route Survey and Design: 5 semester hours.

Study of route surveying and route locations; circular, spiral, and parabolic curves as applied to highway design. Plans will be drawn using CAD and survey/engineering software. Equivalent to GEMT 2216. PREREQ: CET 0122/GEMT 1122. F

CET 0226 Construction Surveying: 5 semester hours.

Operations in construction surveying. Construction staking procedures and use of data collection software. Equivalent to GEMT 2226. PREREQ: CET 0216/GEMT 2216. S

CET 0228 Principles of GIS: 3 semester hours.

Study of GIS fundamentals, introduction to GPS, databases, and metadata. Practical application of ESRI ArcView. Build, edit, and query a GIS; basic spatial analysis. Requires competence in computer operating systems. PREREQ: CET 0120. S

CET 0230 Construction Inspection: 2 semester hours.

This course will introduce the students to topics including the need for an inspector, authority, responsibility, safety, project documents, photographs, and daily reports. Job conferences, meetings, building codes, special inspections, and claim avoidance will be discussed. Students will visit construction sites. F

CET 0231 Plan Reading and Specifications: 2 semester hours.

This course will introduce the students to construction plan reading and specifications. Plan reading will induce take offs, estimating and quantities. Specification for quality assurance, resident project engineering, bid documents, and special conditions will be studied. Field trips will include as-built drawing verification, field measurements, and quantities. S

CET 0241 Public Works I:Water and Wastewater: 3 semester hours.

This course will introduce the students to water chemistry and biology, collection systems, distribution systems, and treatment systems. The class will visit water pumping stations, treatment plants, liftstations, and labs. Math skills used by operators will be practiced. Basic modeling will be introduced. F

CET 0242 Public Works II:Solid Waste, Road and Bridge, and Stormwater: 3 semester hours.

Introduce students to the operation and maintenance of solid waste and stormwater facilities. Introduce students to road and bridge operations, snow removal, asset management, and inspection procedures. The class will visit solid waste, storm water, road, and bridge facilities. S

CET 0250 Unmanned Aerial Systems/Imagery Analysis: 3 semester hours.

This course will introduce the students to the basic operation and uses of unmanned aerial systems. This course will teach students imagery interpretation principles, give them an understanding of the different roles of imagery analysts in an operational environment. Students will receive hands-on operational experience through mission planning, simulation, collecting images and image manipulation using GIS principles. Equivalent to UAS 0250.

CET 0296 Independent Study: 1-8 semester hours.

Addresses specific learning needs of individuals for the enhancement of knowledge and skills within the program under the guidance of an instructor. May be repeated. Graded S/U, or may be letter-graded. PREREQ: Permission of the instructor. D

CET 0298 Special Topics: 1-8 semester hours.

Addresses the specific needs of industry, enabling students to upgrade technical skills that are not included in the current program curriculum. May be repeated. Graded S/U, or may be letter-graded. PREREQ: Permission of the instructor. D

CET 0299 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This is an experimental course. The course title and number of credits are announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times with the same title and content.

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