2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

Volume 73

Message from the Dean

Thank you for your interest in graduate education at Idaho State University.

ISU’s Graduate School is committed to scholarly excellence across the University and your academic success individually.

You may be pursuing a graduate degree as a way to advance in a career. You may be advancing an academic agenda toward a doctorate degree. Your academic journey is uniquely yours and we are here to help you attain your goals. At the Idaho State University Graduate School, we are committed to cultivating our scholars and broadening your opportunities in a supportive learning community. As Interim Dean of the Graduate School, my work is to expand resources for our graduate students to create new knowledge and prepare for distinguished academic and professional careers.

As a graduate student at ISU, you will have the opportunity to develop competence in independent and interdisciplinary research and other creative scholarly activities. Rigor and real-world experience provide a dynamic graduate milieu. Our graduate faculty is dedicated to extraordinary teaching and learning. Consider using your time at ISU to make meaningful connections and lasting collaborations with the colleagues and friends you find along your academic journey.

You may be exploring graduate schools, or planning on Idaho State University for your graduate or postdoctoral studies, or already an ISU Bengal. Wherever you are in your decision-making, I hope you will make the most of opportunities to expand your knowledge.

Best wishes,

Karen Wilson Scott, PhD
Interim Dean of the Graduate School

Graduate School
Idaho State University
921 South 8th Avenue, Stop 8075
Pocatello, ID 83209-8075
(208) 282-2150 FAX (208) 282-4847
Museum Building, 4th Floor, Room 401​

Policy Statements 

Community Inclusiveness

Idaho State University subscribes to the principles and laws of the State of Idaho and federal government, including applicable executive orders pertaining to civil rights, and all rights, privileges, and activities of the University are made available without regard to race, creed, color, sex, handicap, or national origin. The University is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Evidence of practices that are not consistent with such policies should be reported to the Office of the President of the University.

Graduate Catalog Contents

Catalogs, bulletins, and course or fee schedules shall not be considered as binding contracts between Idaho State University and students. The University reserves the right at any time, without advance notice, to: (a) withdraw or cancel classes, courses, and programs; (b ) change fee schedules; (c) change the academic calendar; (d) change admissions and registration requirements; (e) change the regulations and requirements governing instruction in, and graduation from, the University and its various divisions; and (f) change any other regulations affecting students. Changes shall enter into force whenever the proper authorities so determine, and shall apply not only to prospective students but also to those who are matriculated at the time in the University. When economic and other conditions permit, the University tries to provide advance notice of such changes.

Students enrolled in a program that is closed, relocated, or discontinued should be given notice of the closure as soon as is practical. Notwithstanding any other provision of State Board of Education policy, University policy, or University catalog statements to the contrary, arrangements should be made for enrolled students to complete affected programs in a timely manner and with minimum interruptions. When there is a similar program within the institutions governed by the Board, an affected student will be provided with information on transferring to that program, although admission to any such program is contingent upon the availability of a position and the student meeting all applicable admission requirements. If there is no similar program available within the institutions governed by the Board or the student is not able to gain admission to a similar program, the University will make reasonable efforts to place the student in a related or comparable program within the University. If none is available, the University will make reasonable efforts to assist the student in locating to another program at the University or elsewhere for which he or she is qualified.

Graduate School Mission Statement

The Graduate School promotes and supports excellence in graduate education. In realizing this mission, the Graduate School acts to recruit, support, retain, and matriculate scholars, researchers, and practitioners educationally empowered as critical thinking citizens and agents of innovation, opportunity, and change.

Graduate School Vision Statement

The Graduate School aspires to be a leading driver of high quality graduate education and is dedicated to the embodiment of academic and creative excellence, resulting in scholars, researchers, and practitioners committed to and capable of continually broadening the scope of academic discourse, discovery, and innovation.

Graduate School Informed Beliefs

  1. Integrity
  2. Inquiry and Innovation
  3. Academic and Creative Excellence
  4. Collaboration
  5. Social Justice Awareness & Advocacy
  6. Inclusiveness
  7. Interdisciplinary Research
  8. Lifelong Learning
  9. Quality Customer Service

Graduate Council Membership Fall 2018- Spring 2019

Area Name MailStop Phone
Presiding Dr. Karen Wilson Scott 8075 282-2490
Ex-Officio Dr. Tracy Collum 8075 282-3140
Administrator Dr. Amanda Eakins 8075 282-2665
Arts and Letters: Humanities/Fine Arts Dr. Matthew Levay 8056 282-2119
Arts and Letters: Social/Behavioral Sciences Dr. Kevin Marsh 8112 282-3445
Business Dr. Gregory Murphy 8020 282-2856
Education: Sports Science & Physical Education Dr. Robin Lindbeck 8105 282-4441
Kasiska Division of Health Sciences: All Other Areas Dr. Susan Tavernier 8101 282-5601
Kasiska Division of Health Sciences: Pharmacy Dr. Danny Xu ISU Meridian Health Sciences Center Room 752 373-1832
Science and Engineering: Mathematics & Statistics Dr. Yu Chen 8085 282-3646
Science and Engineering: Biological Sciences Dr. Rebecca Hale 8007 282-3145
At-Large Appointment Dr. Seyed Mousavinezhad 8120 373-1718
Graduate Student Representative Anelise Farris