Intermediate Technical Certificate: Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology

(1 Year)

Program Objectives

  1. Identify and respond to security concerns relating to operational cyber physical systems.
  2. Coordinate among key stakeholders for matters dealing with the security of cyber physical systems.
  3. Promote stakeholder awareness and education relating to cyber physical systems security.
  4. Establish optimal policies for managing risk in cyber physical systems.
  5. Use security criteria to influence technology selection and deployment.

Students must have completed a previous degree relating to Computer Science or Information Technology Systems and meet ESTEC acceptance requirements.

Students are required to meet with the Program Coordinator before beginning course work.  Students entering from other programs may be able to waive or substitute courses.

Required Courses:
ESET 0100Engineering Technology Orientation1
ESET 0100LEngineering Technology Orientation Lab1
ESET 0120Introduction to Energy Systems2
ESET 0120LIntroduction to Energy Systems Laboratory1
ESET 0181Information Technology Fundamentals3
ESET 0223Digital Control Theory2
ESET 0227Digital Control Systems Laboratory1
ESET 0242Practical Process Measurements and Control2
ESET 0281Defending Critical Infrastructure and Cyber-Physical Systems3
ESET 0282AIntroduction to Network Security I1
ESET 0282BIntroduction to Network Security II2
ESET 0283Information System Security Design3
ESET 0284Risk Management for Critical Data Systems3
ESET 0286Critical Network Security3
ESET 0287Professional Certification3
ESET 0289Cyber Physical Systems Security Capstone3
or ESET 0297 Internship
Total Credits34