College of Arts and Letters Programs

General Studies, B.A.DegreeB.A.
General Studies, A.A.DegreeA.A.
English, B.A., Literary OptionDegreeB.A.
English, B.A., Professional Writing OptionDegreeB.A.
English, B.A., Creative Writing OptionDegreeB.A.
Philosophy, B.A., Traditional optionDegreeB.A.
Philosophy B.A., Pre-law optionDegreeB.A.
Folklore, Minorminor
English, Minor - LiteratureMinor
English, Minor - Professional WritingMinor
English, Minor - Creative WritingMinor
Philosophy, MinorMinor
Philosophy and Religion, MinorMinor
Ethics, MinorMinor
Biomedical Ethics, Academic CertificateCertificate
Anthropology, B.A.DegreeB.A.
Anthropology, MinorMinor
American Indian Studies, MinorMinor
Latino Studies, MinorMinor
Linguistics, MinorMinor
Shoshoni, A.A.DegreeA.A.
Medical Anthropology, Academic CertificateCertificate
Art, B.A.DegreeB.A.
Art, B.F.A.DegreeB.F.A.
Art History, MinorMinor
Studio, MinorMinor
Communication, B.A., Corporate Communication Emphasis, Advertising TrackDegreeB.A.
Communication, B.A., Corporate Communication Emphasis, Leadership TrackDegreeB.A.
Communication, B.A., Corporate Communication Emphasis, Public Relations TrackDegreeB.A.
Communication, B.A., Multiplatform Journalism EmphasisDegreeB.A.
Communication, B.A., Rhetoric and Media Affairs EmphasisDegreeB.A.
Communication, B.A., Visual Communication Emphasis, Design TrackDegreeB.A.
Communication, B.A., Visual Communication Emphasis, Photo Media TrackDegreeB.A.
Communication, B.A., Visual Communication Emphasis, Video TrackDegreeB.A.
Communication, MinorMinor
Journalism, MinorMinor
Public Relations/Advertising, MinorMinor
Visual Media, MinorMinor
Global Studies, B.A., Political and Economic Development ConcentrationDegreeB.A.
Global Studies, B.A., Language, Literature, and Culture ConcentrationDegreeB.A.
Global Studies, B.A., The United States and World Affairs ConcentrationDegreeB.A.
Global Studies, MinorMinor
Spanish, B.A., Option 1DegreeB.A.
Spanish, B.A., Option 2DegreeB.A.
Spanish for the Health Professions, B.A.DegreeB.A.
French, MinorMinor
German, MinorMinor
Spanish, MinorMinor
Japanese, MinorMinor
French, Basic CertificateCertificate
German, Basic CertificateCertificate
Japanese, Basic CertificateCertificate
French, Advanced CertificateCertificate
German, Advanced CertificateCertificate
Spanish, Advanced CertificateCertificate
Japanese, Advanced CertificateCertificate
Political Science, B.A./B.S.DegreeB.A./B.S.
Political Science, MinorMinor
Psychology, B.A./B.S.DegreeB.A./B.S.
Psychology, MinorMinor
Sociology, B.A.DegreeB.A.
Sociology, Criminology Concentration, B.A.DegreeB.A.
Sociology, MinorMinor
Social Work, B.A.DegreeB.A.
Criminology, A.A.DegreeA.A.
Gender and Sexuality Studies, MinorMinor
History, B.A.DegreeB.A.
History, MinorMinor
Military Science, MinorMinor
Music, B.M.DegreeB.M.
Music, B.A./B.S.DegreeB.A./B.S.
Music Education, B.M.E.DegreeB.M.E.
Music, MinorMinor
Theatre, B.A.DegreeB.A.
Theatre, MinorMinor
Dance: Choreography and Performance, B.A.DegreeB.A.
Dance, MinorMinor
Film Studies, MinorMinor