Other Policies

Other Policies

Academic Study Day Policy

The university annual calendar includes two academic study days each semester. The academic study days are scheduled during the two calendar days directly following Closed Week and directly preceding Final Examination Week. Saturday classes are exempt from the Academic Study Day Policy. When the last two calendar days directly following Closed Week fall on Saturday, Sunday, or both, those days will be designated as academic study days. No undergraduate classes are held during academic study days. For academic study days falling on Monday through Friday, faculty will schedule office hours.

Closed/Finals Week Policy

Any final examination must be conducted during the officially scheduled time slot except in laboratory courses or sections where the final examination may be conducted during the last regularly scheduled class session. Any exception to this policy may be allowed only on an individual student basis, to be arranged ­between the professor and the student.

Other required tests or quizzes on which the professor bases any part of the course grade are prohibited during the 7 calendar days immediately preceding the first day of final examinations week except in performance sections, night classes, 8-week courses, Saturday courses, and sessions during the summer semester.

Graduate-level courses and activities are exempt from this closed week and final exam policy.

Final Examinations

Regular final examinations are held during an examination period at the end of the semester in accordance with a schedule published by the registrar. They shall not be rescheduled outside of the period, nor to a different time within it, except by permission of the Deans’ Council. No examination shall be longer than the ­scheduled time. Special examinations may be arranged for individual students within the examination period.

A student who is absent from a regular final examination without valid excuse receives an F on the exam. If the excuse is valid and the work of the semester is satisfactory, the student receives an Incomplete, which may be removed by ­taking a special final ­examination.

Saturday Classes–Vacation Policy

Saturday Classes will recognize the following holidays during the Fall and Spring semesters: Fall–Labor Day and Thanksgiving weekends; Spring–the Saturday at the end of Spring Break. Saturday classes will be held on the Saturdays prior to all other Monday holidays, and on the Saturday at the beginning of Spring Break.

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