Management (MGT)

Management (MGT)

How to Read Course Descriptions


MGT 1101 Introduction to Business: 3 semester hours.

Relates the business person and business enterprise to the economy as a whole, describes the major field of business in terms of functions and opportunities, and charts the significant relationship to government and society. May not be taken by business students who have been admitted to major, or by juniors or seniors taking classes toward any business major. D

MGT 2210 Entrepreneurship Opportunity Creation and Discovery: 3 semester hours.

Learn to develop business opportunities by applying creative solutions to important problems. Conduct an initial feasibility of new business opportunities. D

MGT 2216 Business Statistics: 3 semester hours.

Descriptive statistics, probability, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing including one and two sample z/t-tests, chi-square and ANOVA. Emphasis on statistical software to analyze data for business decision making. Satisfies Objective 3 of the General Education Requirements. PREREQ: ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1101P and MATH 1108. F, S

MGT 2217 Advanced Business Statistics: 3 semester hours.

Linear and multiple regression, forecasting and statistical process control. Emphasis on use of statistical software; written and oral communication of statistical information in a business setting. PREREQ: MGT 2216 and MATH 1108. F, S

MGT 2261 Legal Environment of Organizations: 3 semester hours.

Covers the legal, ethical, social, economic, political, and regulatory environment of business. Topics include: Business ethics, constitutional law, tort law, product liability, antitrust, employment law, securities regulation, and bankruptcy. PREREQ: Sophomore standing. F, S

MGT 2299 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This is an experimental course. The course title and number of credits are announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times with the same title and content.

MGT 3303 Management Concepts: 3 semester hours.

A basic overview of management concepts focusing primarily on managing people in organizations. Available to non-business majors only. D

MGT 3312 Individual and Organizational Behavior: 3 semester hours.

Study of internal structure and function of organizations and management practices. Provides theoretical and conceptual bases for analyzing relationships among individual, group, and total system behavior in achievement of organizational objectives within larger organizational environments. PREREQ: Junior standing and ENGL 1102. F, S

MGT 3329 Operations and Production Management: 3 semester hours.

Basic concepts, philosophy, and techniques of analysis for decision-making at the operational level. PREREQ: MGT 2217 and completion of lower division requirements. PRE-or-COREQ: INFO 3301. F, S

MGT 3345 Critical Analysis and Creative Problem Solving: 3 semester hours.

Provides processes and techniques for formulating and solving business-relevant problems. The ability to effectively communicate the results of the problem-solving process, especially in writing, is also stressed. PREREQ: ENGL 1102. F, S

MGT 3393 Management Internship: 1-3 semester hours.

Internship program coordinated by faculty providing significant exposure to management issues. May not be used to fulfill major requirements. May be repeated for up to 3 credits. Graded S/U. F, S

MGT 4410 Entrepreneurship Opportunity Feasibility and Planning: 3 semester hours.

Conduct a detailed feasibility analysis of a business idea and complete a business plan using sound business principles. Equivalent to MKTG 4410. PREREQ: MGT 2210 or MKTG 2225; Business major or permission of dean. D

MGT 4411 Small Business and Entrepreneurship Practicum: 3 semester hours.

Advanced students address eastern Idaho entrepreneurship and small business issues. Projects address complex business problems under the supervision of a senior consultant. Class discussions supplement field work. Equivalent to MKTG 4411. PREREQ: Senior status or permission of instructor. D

MGT 4420 Native American Organizational Systems: 3 semester hours.

Analysis of factors and dimensions to be considered in the structure and design of contemporary Native American organizations. Comparison of contemporary Native organizational systems with traditional Native organizational approaches and contemporary non-Native organizations. PREREQ: MGT 3312 or permission of instructor. D

MGT 4422 Native American Enterprise: 3 semester hours.

Approaches, strategies, and models utilized in developing tribally-owned and privately-owned Native American businesses across the U.S. and Canada. Analysis of social, economic, and environmental contingency factors that contribute to successful establishment of Native American businesses. PREREQ: Junior standing or permission of instructor. D

MGT 4430 Advanced Operations and Production Management: 3 semester hours.

Study of problems of line management in organizations. Major sections include strategy, process analysis, manpower planning, inventories, scheduling, and control of operations. Emphasizes both behavioral and technical aspects of problem solving in the area of operations management. PREREQ: MGT 3329 and MGT 3312. D

MGT 4434 Productivity and Quality: 3 semester hours.

Study of the factors involved in an organization's productivity and quality of product or service. PREREQ: MGT 2217, MGT 3312, and MGT 3329. D

MGT 4441 Organization Behavior: 3 semester hours.

Case study approach designed to encourage independent thought in the application of behavioral theories and concepts or organizational problems. Emphasis on integrating theoretical concepts with patterns of organizational direction, control, communications, and decision making. PREREQ: MGT 3312. F, S

MGT 4450 Manufacturing Strategy: 3 semester hours.

Study of the various production alternatives as critical factors in a company's competitive strategies. PREREQ: MGT 3329 and MGT 3312. D

MGT 4460 Strategic Management: 3 semester hours.

A capstone course which integrates the functional areas of business designed to provide insight into how business decisions are made. PREREQ: Senior standing and INFO 3301, FIN 3315, MGT 3312, MGT 3329 and MKTG 2225. F, S

MGT 4461 Business Law: 3 semester hours.

Traditional business law. Topics include the law of contracts, sales, agencies, business organizations, and personal property and bailments. PREREQ: MGT 2261. D

MGT 4462 Issues in Business and Society: 3 semester hours.

Seminar course designed to focus thinking on critical issues facing managers making ethical decisions regarding employees and other stakeholder groups, the community, and the environment. PREREQ: Senior standing or permission of instructor. D

MGT 4465 International Business: 3 semester hours.

Special emphasis on managerial functions and critical elements of the management process in a firm operating under foreign economic, technological, political, social, and cultural environments. D

MGT 4473 Human Resource Management: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to the methodology of employee selection, employment and development; personnel supervision and management; financial compensation; job analysis; behavioral tools and techniques employed to deal with personnel problems, and contemporary problems of manpower management. PREREQ: MGT 3312. F, S

MGT 4474 Advanced Human Resource Management: 3 semester hours.

In-depth study of selected personnel/human resources management topics, including employee selection, performance evaluation, and compensation administration. PREREQ: MGT 2217 and MGT 4473. S

MGT 4480 Labor and Employment Law: 3 semester hours.

State and federal laws, domestic and foreign, governing employment relationships, including labor-management relations, discrimination and employee rights, work place safety, compensation and benefits, and related topics. PREREQ: MGT 2261 or MGT 4473. F

MGT 4482 Project Management: 3 semester hours.

Philosophy and tools of project management focusing on applied methodologies. Addresses project scope, breakdown structure, schedules, and closure following professionally accepted industry standards. PREREQ: MGT 2216. D

MGT 4483 Industrial Relations: 3 semester hours.

Integrated study of principles and practices of collective bargaining and industrial relations. Discussion of methods and techniques in dealing with labor-management problems arising out of contract negotiations and administration. PREREQ: MGT 3312. D

MGT 4484 International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition: 3 semester hours.

Students apply to compete in an international strategy team competition. Early rounds of the competition take place on campus. The final rounds take place over an intensive weekend in various off-campus locations. Graded S/U. May be repeated one time. PREREQ: Permission of the instructor. D

MGT 4491 Seminar in Management: 3 semester hours.

Reading, discussion, and preparation of reports on selected topics. May be repeated for up to 6 credits with permission of instructor. May be graded S/U. PREREQ: Senior or Graduate status in Business, and permission of instructor. D

MGT 4492 Special Problems in Management: 2-3 semester hours.

Research and reports on selected problems or topics in management and organization. May be repeated for up to 9 credits with different content and permission of major advisor and the Dean. PREREQ: Senior or Graduate status in Business, and permission of the Dean. F, S, Su

MGT 4493 Advanced Management Internship: 3 semester hours.

Significant business experience coordinated by the faculty to provide broad exposure to management issues. Letter grade assigned. F, S

MGT 4499 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This course is not described in the catalog. The course title and number of credits are announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times.

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