Academic Skills Courses (ACAD)

Academic Skills Courses (ACAD)

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ACAD 1101 College Learning Strategies: 1 semester hour.

Covers learning strategies and study techniques (notetaking), textbook study, test preparation, memory, time management, etc. which promote academic success. Especially recommended for new students and re-entry students. F, S, Su

ACAD 1102 First Year Seminar: 1 semester hour.

Provides an extended orientation to the university for new students. Utilizes presenters from various campus support systems, collaborative learning activities, and written assignments which involve students in resources and activities on campus. F, S

ACAD 1103 College Learning Strategies for Mathematics: 1 semester hour.

Covers math anxiety, notetaking, homework, textbook study, learning styles, test preparation and problem solving. Concurrent registration in a mathematics course is required. F, S

ACAD 1104 First Year Transition: 2 semester hours.

Combines content of two courses: Study Skills and First Year Seminar. Introduces students to university culture and to learning strategies and study techniques which promote academic success. Especially recommended for entering students. F, S

ACAD 1105 Special Topics in First Year Seminar: 1 semester hour.

Provides an extended orientation to the university for new students while offering them an opportunity to explore a topic relevant to their majors. F

ACAD 1110 Money Management: 1 semester hour.

Covers basic Money Management techniques including: credit, saving, budgeting, debt, food dollars, financial goals, and investing. This is an eight-week course. F, S

ACAD 1111 University Inquiry: 3 semester hours.

Introduces students to inquiry in a university setting. The course will introduce the academic culture of ISU through research and university academic resources. The course will primarily deal with the level of inquiry and evidence expected of university students. Students will learn how to identify an information need, evaluate information discovered, and use information effectively and ethically. Satisfies Objective 8 of the General Education Requirements. F, S

ACAD 1115 Information Research: 1 semester hour.

Develop life-long strategies for recognizing when you need information, locating it, evaluating it, and using it effectively and ethically. Explore a variety of tools and formats in order to find sources worth using/citing in support of academic projects. F, S

ACAD 1199 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This is an experimental course. The course title and number of credits are announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times with the same title and content.

ACAD 2210 Peer Tutor Training: 1 semester hour.

Introduction to individual and small group tutoring with adult students. Emphasis on teaching strategies, communication skills, ethics, learning styles. Graded S/U. F, S

ACAD 2220 Peer Instruction Seminar: 2 semester hours.

Innovative leadership and teaching techniques for peer instructors who will collaborate with a faculty mentor in preparing for and teaching one section of ACAD 1104. Students will explore and co-create teaching, mentoring, and leadership strategies; teach four learning modules; and assist in coaching first-year students in academic and personal success strategies. PREREQ: Completion with a grade of B or higher of ACAD 1101, ACAD 1102, ACAD 1104, or ACAD 1105 (or equivalent college success course). COREQ: Peer Instructor in ACAD 1104. F, S

ACAD 3310 Efficient Reading: 1 semester hour.

Emphasis on developing flexibility and acceleration of reading speed and refinement of comprehension skills through intensive practice of rapid reading and comprehension building techniques applied to fiction and textbook reading. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. Graded S/U. D

ACAD 4450 Peer Advising Seminar: 1-2 semester hours.

Supervised experience in assisting another student. Students meet out of class on a weekly contact basis. Course provides ongoing training for the peer advisors. May be repeated for up to 6 credits. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. F, S

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