Comm, Media, and Persuasion (CMP)

Comm, Media, and Persuasion (CMP)

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CMP 1110 Media Writing: 3 semester hours.

A practical introduction to writing for the mass media. Students develop interviewing skills, reporting techniques, and the proper form and style for crafting basic news stories. F, S

CMP 2201 Business and Professional Communication: 3 semester hours.

Advanced speech course emphasizes practical speaking needs of business and professional people. PREREQ: COMM 1101. F, S, Su

CMP 2202 Photo, Graphic, and Video Editing: 3 semester hours.

An introduction to photographic, graphic design, and non-linear video editing skills. The course is designed to prepare students for more advanced courses in any of these specific areas. Students will learn how to apply multimedia production applications including professional industry standard photo, graphic, and video editing software. F, S

CMP 2203 Media Literacy: 3 semester hours.

A broad survey of the foundations of the mass media through critical and theoretical perspectives, with particular attention devoted to how economic structures influence media content, the impact of technological innovation, and the proper evaluation of media sources. Topics include how the media manufacture stories, differences between various print and electronic sources of information, recognizing media bias, and different types of media polling. Satisfies Objective 8 of the General Education Requirements. F, S

CMP 2205 Argumentation: 3 semester hours.

Study of argument, analysis, evidence, reasoning, fallacies, briefing, and delivery. Satisfies Objective 7 of the General Education Requirements. S

CMP 2209 Persuasion: 3 semester hours.

Advanced theory and performance course emphasizing principles of message composition and methods affecting attitude change in public communication. F, S

CMP 2231 Introduction to Graphic Design: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to concepts and procedures of graphic design. Lectures, studio, and computer exercises will explore issues in design for graphic media, typography, and design for the page. F, S

CMP 2241 Introduction to Public Relations: 3 semester hours.

Provides background in the history, scope, ethics, and functions of the public relations field. Particular attention given to understanding of publics and ways of gaining public support for an activity, cause, movement, or institution. F

CMP 2250 History and Appreciation of Photography: 3 semester hours.

Discovery of the photographic process and its evolution to present. Analysis of many recognized masters of photography. Equivalent to ART 2210. Partially satisifes Objective 4 of the General Education Requirements. F, S

CMP 2251 Introduction to Photography: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to the fundamentals of digital camera use, and important techniques such as light and composition. The use of photography as an artistic and expressive medium is explored through assignments. Class consists of lectures, demonstrations, and group critiques. Students must have own camera and paper. Laboratory required. F, S

CMP 2261 Introduction to Advertising: 3 semester hours.

In-depth study of the various aspects of advertising including agencies, media, clients, suppliers, creativity in advertising, consumers, ethics and law, strategy, and culture. F

CMP 2271 Television and Video Production: 3 semester hours.

Emphasis on studio and remote video production, with exercises in basic camera operation, electronic editing, studio directing, field production, and online distribution. PREREQ: CMP 1110 and CMP 2202. S

CMP 2286 Visual Rhetoric: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to visual media. Students will be introduced to theories explaining the persuasive function of images and apply these approaches in a variety of contexts such as images in political cartoons, film, television, and print. S

CMP 3302 Image Management: 3 semester hours.

Explores the management of public images of individuals (politicians, athletes, celebrities, teams, and corporations) during times of crisis and success. This course examines and evaluates the rhetorical strategies used in many contemporary situations of crisis and success. S

CMP 3305 Intercollegiate Debate: 1-3 semester hours.

Students prepare for regional- and national-level intercollegiate debate tournament competition. May be repeated for up to 8 credits. PREREQ: Debate team member. F, S

CMP 3307 Social and Interactive Media Campaigns: 3 semester hours.

An introduction to the theory and skills required to develop, manage, and analyze social media campaigns. Students will gain hands-on experience with a variety of digital tools and social networking platforms, evaluate current industry best practices and standards, analyze the role of social media in society, and develop interactive campaigns. F

CMP 3308 Groups and Communication: 3 semester hours.

Examines the process of human communication among members of organized groups. Topics studied include leadership development, norms, roles, cohesion, problem-solving techniques, and conflict. F

CMP 3309 Communication Inquiry: 3 semester hours.

Introduces tools and strategies communication professionals use to answer questions and solve problems through systematic investigation. The course will focus on developing an understanding of applied communication research, including design, sampling, data collection, and data analysis. S

CMP 3310 Multiplatform Storytelling: 3 semester hours.

This course provides hands-on experience in blogging, podcasting, and screenwriting. Students will learn how to target market demographics, develop content, and pitch ideas to online, television, film, and video game industries. PREREQ: CMP 1110. S

CMP 3311 Business and Political Reporting: 3 semester hours.

Develops journalistic skills for covering issues related to business and public affairs. Students will learn how to gather and interpret data as well as report on entrepreneurship, finance, government, and politics. Reporting styles covered include print, online, and broadcast media. PREREQ: CMP 1110. F

CMP 3320 Foundations of Leadership: 3 semester hours.

Introductory exploration of the modern dimensions of leadership. Students will link current theory and practices to personal self-assessment and behavioral applications. F

CMP 3332 3-D Modeling and Design: 3 semester hours.

A studio course in the application and technique of three-dimensional (3D) digital modeling utilizing industry standard software. Topics include the creation and modification of 3D forms, surface mapping, rendering and 3D printing. PREREQ: CMP 2202 or permission of instructor. F

CMP 3333 3-D Animation: 3 semester hours.

A studio course in the application and technique of three-dimensional (3D) digital animation utilizing industry standard software. By utilizing the 12 principles of animation, the static will be transformed into life. PREREQ: CMP 3332. S

CMP 3335 Typography and Layout: 3 semester hours.

The history, development, and design of typefaces and their use in layout with other elements with attention to perceptual, emotional, and stylistic issues. Development and creation of content as well as grid structures to organize complex information. Critique and individual discussion focused on developing typographic refinement and attention to detail. PREREQ: CMP 2231. S

CMP 3337 Illustration: 3 semester hours.

Examination of the effectiveness and power of illustration through images found in book and magazine illustration, advertising, and web design. From the sketch process to the development of finished images, students are exposed to a variety of working methods. Production of work such as editorial images, packaging, and poster design with an emphasis on concept, creativity, communication, technical achievement, and presentation. PREREQ: CMP 2231. F

CMP 3339 Web Design: 3 semester hours.

A communicative approach to strategies and tools for web publishing with a focus on both practical and aesthetic contexts. Exploration of ethics, current practices, purposes, styles, genres, and directions in authoring for the World Wide Web. PREREQ: CMP 2202 or permission of instructor. RECOMMENDED: CMP 2231. F, S

CMP 3346 Public Relations Writing: 3 semester hours.

Development of professional writing disciplines and skills expected of PR practitioners through exploration of various forms of public relations writing such as press releases, statements, public service announcements, media correspondence, media advisories, newsletter articles, fact sheets, and talking points. PREREQ: CMP 1110 and CMP 2241. F

CMP 3347 Sport Communication: 3 semester hours.

This course is designed to define and expand student perceptions of "sport communication" by covering concepts, skills, and vocabulary used in the field. Upon completion, students should have a broad understanding of how sport communication functions in a variety of areas and the influences and diversity of voices in the discipline. F

CMP 3352 Photo Communication: 3 semester hours.

Application of still photographic methods to newspaper, magazine, and advertising/public relations needs. Introduction to computer manipulation of images. PREREQ: CMP 2202 and CMP 2251, or permission of instructor. F

CMP 3355 Studio Photography: 3 semester hours.

This class will provide an experience in directed photographic visual communication in the studio environment. Students will gain an understanding of the studio setting through applied theory. Additionally, students will concentrate on problem solving skills and complete a variety of assignments that are designed to challenge their skills in lighting, camera operation, and visual interpretation. PREREQ: CMP 2202, CMP 2251, and CMP 3352, or permission of instructor. S

CMP 3365 Advertising Strategy and Copywriting: 3 semester hours.

Overview of basic creative skills, with emphasis on how to write and develop strategic creative advertising messages for print, radio, television, and the Internet. Students begin to develop a marketing communication portfolio. PREREQ: CMP 2261 and CMP 2231, or MKTG 2225. F

CMP 3367 Advertising Media Planning: 3 semester hours.

Selecting and evaluating media for marketing communication campaigns. Media characteristics, media markets and comparisons, audience and product usage. Elements of a strategic media plan. Trends in mass communication media. PREREQ: CMP 2261 or MKTG 2225. S

CMP 3371 Narrative Video Production: 3 semester hours.

Exploration of the equipment, terminology, personnel and video production techniques in the field and the application of narrative techniques including writing, producing, and editing of assigned short projects, culminating in a final project consisting of a small-format narrative mini-movie. F

CMP 3382 Political Communication: 3 semester hours.

This course identifies and examines what constitutes effective communication in American politics, ranging from an analysis or rhetorical discourse in presidential oratory to contemporary media strategies employed in both election campaigns and social movements. F

CMP 3399 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This course is not described in the catalog. The course title and number of credits are announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times. May be repeated.

CMP 4403 Mass Communication and Society: 3 semester hours.

Introduces students to mass media theories scholars use to study the effects of media messages. Students will also read and discuss research illustrating the media's impact on individuals, society, and cultures. Topics include the media's relationship to stereotyping, images of sexuality, violence, values, politics, and globalization. S

CMP 4404 Gender and Communication: 3 semester hours.

Course examines communication arenas from a perspective that focuses on gender and includes study of similarities and differences in female/male patterns. Topics include nonverbal, organizational, language, family, and friendship. F

CMP 4410 Mass Media History, Law, and Ethics: 3 semester hours.

A comprehensive exploration of mass communication law and the history of mass media. The course examines media rights of free expression and First Amendment including libel privacy, access to information, free-press, and other related topics and themes. F

CMP 4415 Television News: 3 semester hours.

Writing, reporting, and producing the television newscast. Emphasis on proper technique as well as ethical and social issues. PREREQ: CMP 1110, CMP 2202, CMP 2271, and CMP 3310 or CMP 3311. F

CMP 4418 Feature Writing: 3 semester hours.

Develops feature reporting and writing skills for magazines and web publications. Students examine classic, exemplary works of journalism and gain experience creating feature profiles, sports and travel articles, restaurant reviews, and Gonzo-style investigations. PREREQ: CMP 1110. S

CMP 4420 Advanced Leader Communication: 3 semester hours.

Advanced exploration of the vital relationship between communication and leader effectiveness with a focus on particular communication tools and strategies. PREREQ: CMP 3320. S

CMP 4422 Conflict Management: 3 semester hours.

Examines the dynamics of everyday conflicts across a variety of settings, from personal to organizational. Principles of conflict, similar across all communicative contexts, are emphasized. Theory and its application are given equal importance. F

CMP 4424 Management Communication: 3 semester hours.

Examines the communication goals and functions unique to organizational managers and leaders. Topics studied include socialization and training, leader-member relationships, incentive-based systems of motivation, employee identification and commitment, and organizational development. S

CMP 4435 Narrative and Print: 3 semester hours.

Exploration and reconsideration of conventional concepts of what makes a book, both in terms of narrative structure and physical form. Focus on examination of familiar forms in new ways to help students learn to approach all multi-page projects from fresh and new angles. Equivalent to ART 4435. PREREQ: CMP 2231 or permission of instructor. S

CMP 4436 Advanced Issues in Design: 3 semester hours.

Focuses on complex design challenges, professional-level assignments, and design projects with multiple components. Application of research and entrepreneurial skills to seek innovative solutions for appropriate economic constituencies, users, and audiences. Professional presentations of ideas and design solutions for critique and discussion are central to this course. PREREQ: CMP 2231, and CMP 3335 or CMP 3337. F

CMP 4440 Sport Public Relations: 3 semester hours.

Examines public relations theories and skills relevant to sport. Emphasizes image management; media and community relations; critical analysis of campaigns; and written and oral presentation skills necessary for sport public relations specialists. S

CMP 4446 Public Relations Campaigns: 3 semester hours.

Tactics and strategies for planning public relations campaigns for public and private organizations. PREREQ: CMP 3346. S

CMP 4457 Advanced Photography: 3 semester hours.

Explores photographic concepts as they relate to visual storytelling for use within a multi-media business environment. We will investigate the idea of the photographer's intent in regards to crafting color and B&W images into a visual story. Further, we will examine the elements and decisions required for printing a professional portfolio and establishing professional business goals. Addtitionally, each student will create a body of cohesive images suitable for use as a professional portfolio or a traditional art exhibit. PREREQ: CMP 2202, CMP 2251 and CMP 3352, or permission of instructor. F

CMP 4460 National Student Advertising Competition: 3 semester hours.

Students work as a team to apply persuasive mass communication principles to solving a real-world marketing communication problem for a client provided by the AAF/NSAC. May be repeated for up to 9 credits. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. COREQ: Membership in ISU AAF. S

CMP 4465 Advertising Campaigns: 3 semester hours.

Capstone course; the development of an advertising campaign; includes situation analysis, research, strategy, and creation of the advertising. PREREQ: CMP 3365. S

CMP 4471 Advanced Video Production: 3 semester hours.

Theory and practical experience producing and presenting informative video programs for television and online audiences, focusing on the role of broadcast television and online video in society, the nature of audiences, production techniques, and news management. Will include both on-camera and production experience reflecting a professional environment. Students will create material for professional portfolios. May be repeated for up to 6 credits. PREREQ: CMP 1110, CMP 2202, CMP 2271, and CMP 3310 or CMP 3311 or permission of instructor. S

CMP 4475 Corporate Video Production: 3 semester hours.

Producing for corporate, educational, home video, documentary and other nonfiction markets. Advanced production techniques. Major project required. PREREQ: CMP 2202 and CMP 2271 or permission of instructor. F

CMP 4483 Rhetoric of Popular Culture: 3 semester hours.

Explores the functions of rhetoric in popular culture mass media including news, television, film, fiction, advertising, music, and the internet. Emphasizes understanding how rhetoric in these mediums reflects, influences, and interacts with the culture. S

CMP 4487 Rhetorical Theory: 3 semester hours.

Course provides students with the foundations of rhetoric by examining principal rhetorical theories from Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern, and Contemporary eras. F

CMP 4488 Rhetorical Criticism: 3 semester hours.

Study and application of various theories and methods of rhetorical criticism including Aristotelian and Burkeian principles. PREREQ: CMP 4487. S

CMP 4489 Senior Seminar in Rhetoric: 3 semester hours.

This is a capstone course that covers advanced topics in rhetoric and media affairs on a rotating basis. PREREQ: CMP 4410, CMP 4487, and CMP 4488. S

CMP 4491 Independent Projects: 1-3 semester hours.

Under the supervision of professors in the various areas of communication, students will prepare reports and carry out projects designed to promote professional growth. May be repeated for up to 6 credits. PREREQ: Permission of instructor and department. F, S

CMP 4494 Internship: 1-3 semester hours.

Department approval required. Directed field experience with an approved agency. Learning contract required. May be repeated for up to 6 credits. PREREQ: Permission of instructor and department. F, S

CMP 4499 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This course is not described in the catalog. The course title and number of credits are announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times. May be repeated.

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