Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences (PPRA)

Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences (PPRA)

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PPRA 3314 Basic and Applied Pharmacology for Dental Hygiene: 2 semester hours.

Basic pharmacology and therapeutic uses of selected drug groups. PREREQ: BIOL 3301 and BIOL 3302. Restricted to Dental Hygiene major. S

PPRA 3315 Pharmacology for Nursing: 4 semester hours.

Overview of the pharmacologic actions and therapeutic implications of the major classes of drugs. S

PPRA 3335 Smoking Cessation: 1 semester hour.

Knowledge and skills necessary to provide comprehensive tobacco cessation counseling to patients who use tobacco. D

PPRA 3341 Topics in Drug Utilization Review: 1-2 semester hours.

Provides additional clinical experience, knowledge and skills necessary to provide population-based therapeutic monitoring and appropriate drug use. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. F, S

PPRA 3345 Pharmacy and Therapeutics Formulary: 1 semester hour.

Examination of selected drug classes with the goal of choosing individual agents for mock formulary inclusion. Emphasis on therapeutic variances, available dosage forms and pharmacoeconomic considerations, among other parameters, will drive the selection of individual agent(s) within the selected drug class. D

PPRA 4425 Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine: 2 semester hours.

A survey course covering the philosophical basis of traditional Chinese medicine, diagnostic techniques and modalities of treatment. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. S

PPRA 4428 Diet Alternatives and Nutrition: 2 semester hours.

Overview of macro-and micronutrients, diet aids and supplements, and current dieting trends and their impact on the body and medications. Emphasis on nutrition and exercise in the overall health of a patient. Evidence-based evaluation of current diet trends. D

PPRA 4440 Pharmacoeconomics: 2 semester hours.

Introduction to the principles and methods for the economic evaluation of medicines such as cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analysis as well as patient-centered assessments of health-related quality of life and patient preferences or utilities. D

PPRA 4459 Externship in Pharmacy Practice: 1 semester hour.

200 hours of practical experience in a pharmacy practice environment. Graded S/U. S

PPRA 4491 Topical Seminar in Pharmacy Practice: 1-4 semester hours.

Examination of selected topics in Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy Administration. May be repeated. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. D

PPRA 4499 Experimental Course: 1-3 semester hours.

PPRA 9907 Complementary and Natural Medicine: 2 semester hours.

Introduction to safety and efficacy of methods and products used in treating patients outside of modern medicine. Restricted to PHARM.D. program. S

PPRA 9913 Personal Financial Management for Pharmacists: 2 semester hours.

Principles of personal financial management as applied to the graduating pharmacist. F, S

PPRA 9915 Financial Management of the Community Pharmacy: 2 semester hours.

Principles of financial management as applied to community pharmacy practice. PREREQ: PHAR 9945 and PHAR 9945L. S

PPRA 9925 Residency Readiness Elective: 2 semester hours.

This course is designed to improve the success rate of students applying for postgraduate pharmacy residency positions. Course topics include the residency application process, interviewing skills, and building one's curriculum vitae. Current pharmacy residents and residency program directors will be invited to participate in panel discussions and provide insight. Students are also required to develop and complete a research project. PREREQ: Second professional year only. S

PPRA 9928 Women's Health: 2 semester hours.

This course will provide an overview of the most recent information regarding gender-based medicine, an understanding of gender-based biology, and an enhanced knowledge concerning the prevention and management of various diseases and conditions specific to women. S

PPRA 9935 Veterinary Medicine: 2 semester hours.

The goal of this elective is to help students develop a basic knowledge of veterinary therapeutics and related pharmacy/medication issues. Students will become competent providers of basic veterinary medicine topics to provide adequate services to veterinarians, animals, and caregivers. S

PPRA 9988 Independent Problems in Pharmacy Practice: 1-2 semester hours.

Advanced students are assigned special studies on the basis of interest and previous preparation. May be repeated. Restricted to PHARM.D. program. F, S

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